TouchMenu for iPad with Interactive Signage Officially Launches at DSE 2012

The TouchMenu for iPad is the latest mobile signage and menu solution for the hospitality and retail industries. 22MILES TouchMenu software suites have brought restaurants and clubs a comprehensive sales and service promotion tool. With a high-end image, the venues easily stand out from competitors, and attract more customer traffic. According to Sandbar chain restaurants, they have seen "customers coming in and requesting to sit at the touch screen tables and choosing to wait for an open one over being seated at a regular table right away."

TouchMenu for iPad


Comparing to other TouchMenu products from 22MILES, the new iPad system saves more table space with less operation budget to provide guests a personalized service. What's more, 22MILES TouchMenu maximizes ad effectiveness by shortening the distance between agency's digital ads and customers' eyes, fingers, and minds. The backend of TouchMenu system allows 22MILES agencies, partners, and even restaurant owners to update menus and multi-media messages, schedule various types of ads, and connect the venues/services with social networks. The flexible capabilities from the TouchMenu platform and system, such as real time updates and various ads channel integration, lead to a competitive and effortless success for 22MILES customers.

At least 100 iTM iPads with enclosures have been deployed in various pilot programs in the past couple of months and 22MILES has received some great feedback. Owners want it and customers love it. The iPad menu itself helps to create a high-end, cool atmosphere for hospitality establishments; which, in turn, gives patrons a feeling that they are in the 'place to be'. Patrons reflect this mood by spending more at the table and returning with friends in future visits. Now, as Joey Zhao, CEO of 22MILES, says, "It's time for partners to take action and push this great opportunity forward".

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About 22MILES Multi-Touch TouchMenu Table: 22MILES 32-65" multi-touch tables focus on the "Wow Factor" and fun for menu ordering, VIP entertainment, and interactive social marketing.

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