A Conversation with 22 Miles SVP of Sales & Operations Tomer Mann

22 Miles, Inc., the cross-platform digital signage company based out of Milpitas, California, recently unveiled the latest version of their True 3D Wayfinding solution. It’s been dubbed Publisher Pro 2017, and it’s a hybrid of sorts—part digital signage solution, part app developer. DigitalSignageConnection.com just caught up with Senior Vice President

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22 Miles Wins Lawsuit Brought by Four Winds Interactive

MILPITAS, Calif., May 30, 2017 – 22 Miles, Inc. is a fast-growing, long-time leader in Wayfinding and Cross-Platform Digital Signage. 22 Miles today announced that Four Winds Interactive dismissed its lawsuit against 22 Miles. Back on March 25, 2016, FWI filed a lawsuit styled Four Winds Interactive vs. 22 Miles,

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A Creative World

Designers always articulate the same few words to their creative approach methodology to sound more refined. Those are UI vs. UX or typography, palette and hierarchy, what does that all mean? Let's start with website design and mix in digital to print. Within a website you have a user interface, [...]

Three customer service robots land in San Jose airport

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation and high-tech, and Mineta San Jose International Airport wants to make sure travelers know it. The Silicon Valley travel hub is the first airport in the U.S. to introduce customer service robots. The three robotic gals (stationed in front of gates 11, 21, and [...]

Wayfinding and 22 Miles’ Vision of the Future

At 22 Miles we spoke with Tomer Mann, SVP, Global Sales. Our first question was how 22 miles is changing wayfinding in the marketplace, explaining how editing is what really sets them apart and puts 22 Miles ahead in the industry. The vision for the future places 22 Miles Airports,

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Westfield Enhances Digital Traveler Experience at JFK and IAH

“The inviting, accessible digital directories are one of the ways we engage with travelers to create a more efficient journey,” said Dominic Lowe, Executive Vice President, Westfield. “We’re making the physical and digital airport experience unique and customizable for every customer.” The three interactive stations installed at JFK feature eye-catching

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