For today’s technology savvy guests, Hospitality Brands must include next-gen solutions that instantly captivate guests in a dynamic and engaging way. Brands must provide digital applications with dazzling visuals, stimulating infotainment, unique property content that is not always publicly accessible, and even reservation check-in capabilities. Brands’ designs should also never be limited to only one interface layout, or to vendor content control. Each brand should be free to stand out with their brand’s well-recognized uniqueness and appeal.

22 Miles seamlessly meets all of these needs with a multimedia communications’ cross-platfom  that visually stimulates, promotes efficiency, and improves the guests’ experience.

Event & Meeting directory boards

  • Provide your property with the capability to instantly and dynamically give visitors or guest’s up-to-date schedules, locations and details of your events and meetings.

Seamless 3rd-party integration to your back-end event management system or data sources.

  • EMS
  • Sales Pro
  • Micros Opera
  • Hyatt Envision
  • Marriott CI/TY
  • Starwood ISAC
  • Ungerboek
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Intuitive and centralized application for events, corporate functions, receptions, conventions, expos, and more.
  • Automate your events and meetings into a large digital display format that provides times, dates, locations and even wayfinding arrows.

Meeting room boards

  • Remove the hassle and old-school-style of printing and posting event signage;  get ready for easy automation reflecting changes made to your event calendar.

Seamless interface to your back-end event management system or 3rd-party data sources

  • EMS
  • Sales Pro
  • Micros Opera
  • Hyatt Envision
  • Marriott CI/TY
  • Starwood ISAC
  • Ungerboek
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Automate your events and meetings into a small digital display format that provides times, dates, locations, company logos, and even wayfinding arrows.
  • Upgrade to an interactive solution and with an onscreen keyboard, attendees book rooms, send a ping if they require assistance, and search upcoming events or listings.

Interactive Concierge Boards

  • Create the ultimate guest experience with a 24/7 interactive informational/concierge display.
  • Provide your guests with up-to-the-minute weather, news, stocks, flight information, and other guests’ daily interests with an intuitively organized application.
  • With our built-in Google Map- point of interests touch locater, deliver an interactive directory of entertainment, restaurants, and other local attractions that is easy to access and update.

Interactive Wayfinding

  • Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for guests and conference visitors to quickly grasp. Be able to edit floor maps for future property renovations.
  • Efficiently promote events, amenities, and other activities with digitally rendered 2.5D or 3D floor-plans integrated with event management and other database directories.
  • Innovative true-user-made 3D map design capabilities to allow any user to knock down walls, update floors and booths.



VIP/ Wheelchair


Preferred, or
One-way Routes

Interactive Digital Menu

  • Enhance the atmosphere of your menus with a high-tech and high-end interactive digital signage solution. Simply include menu navigation to any interactive menu board, and watch as you draw in customer involvements and satisfaction.
  • Create a VIP experience with a menu board that provides web control for promotional enrollments, ordering any time, multi-language and multimedia integrations.
  • Have your customers’ senses engaged with new promotions, HD food and drink photos and videos with vector controls right on their fingertips.

Tablets & Android Signs

  • Enjoy all the user-friendly features of our latest software application with an Android tablet solution. Include our Android or Windows Tablet integration and show all events, and other property information right outside your function or meeting space.
  • No limitations to interactive content integration such as Meetings, Flights, Menus, Transit, and other widgets.
  • It’s a fully flexible interactive management/ scheduling application right at your guests or visitors fingertips.

Mobile Wayfinder – HTML or IOS/Android App based

  • Embedded with QR codes or customer URL; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device.
  • Leverages same data created/managed for the wayfinding displays and kiosks with 1-click to publish from 22MILES’ Publisher 4.0.
  • Also available as a downloadable iOS/Android native App.

Communication Displays

  • Digitally create a visually appealing communication application that stimulates additional organizational success. Attract your staff with day to day updated announcements by using animation, video, or plain text to get your message across.
  • Drive up safety regulations, new alerts, RSS tickers, and even web site driven information to any digital communication display. Visually create a happy corporate environment that promotes further organizational success.
  • Seamlessly promote “GO GREEN” or corporate event through your digital displays with any media format, videos, or other easily updated and dragged-in content

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