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CDC Survey Questionnaire – Voice or Mobile App Options

Virtual Receptionist – Video Call Server

Voice Control

Thermal Screening

Self-Service Thermal Temperature Scanner Technology for Facility Safety

Temperature Sensor Solution

To meet the new challenges COVID-19 and other viruses present in public spaces, TempDefendTM is 22MILES latest innovation. As a component of our suite of Protection-as-a-ServiceTM solutions, 22MILES TempDefendTM thermo-sensing technology leverages a combination of camera technology, facial, and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread. TempDefend is the ideal plug-and-play solution that allows businesses and employers to rebuild consumer/employee confidence and safety as stay-at-home orders and restrictions ease around the world.

Infrared Camera Sensing Technology for Every Organization/Facility Type

School & Universities

Offices & Workplaces

Venues & Large Facilities

Retail & Restaurant



Available features for intuitive integration into any workflow

Easy Centralized Editing

Quick editing access in an easy to use system

Access Control – Badge Integration

Badge print integration for authorized entrants

Printed Badge

Receive printed badges with a photo and the results of the temperature screen

CDC Survey Questionnaire

Voice or mobile app options, available features for intuitive integration into any workflow

Virtual Receptionist – Video Call Server

Video Call with staff or visitors to avoid in-person interactions

Touchless Screen Options

Enable Touchless Touch functionality for safety and hygiene

Red light / Green Light

Easily identify body temperatures with a red light / green light signal

Voice Control

Create a fully interactive touch-free user experience through Voice Activation/Recognition & Control

Audible Alert

Hear an alarm when an individual has elevated body temp

Email / Text Notifications

Internal email and text notifications negative tests

Facial Detection

Detect an individual’s face instantaneously

Facial Recognition

Verify individual’s identity within your organization to increase safety and security

TempDefend packages feature the industry’s top technology providers

elo & 22Miles

TempDefendTM Packages

Customized thermal detection systems for your unique organizational needs

TempDefendTM is a proprietary software solution fully developed in-house, easily compatible with your own sensor hardware or 22MILES suggested/provided sensors.

SF 10

Microsoft SF10 kiosk with FLIR sensor.

AO 22

AOpen 22″ kiosk version with FLIR sensor.

Virtual Receptionist

Visitors and admins are alerted of elevated temperature upon scan, initiating a video call with your receptionist. Notification with temperature shows on receptionist’s screen and connects live video call.

Multi-User Tracking

Automatically scans multiple users at the point of entry, displaying temperature above each entrant. Adds efficiency by eliminating time consumed by single scan.

See It In Action

Temperature Detection Software – Thermal Screening Kiosks – TemDefend by 22MILES

Why TempDefend? Overview

22MILES & IVY PREP – TempDefend Thermal Screening for Schools Case Study

IVY Prep Academy – Video Case Study

elo – 22MILES TempDefend Thermal Screening System

elo & 22MILES Thermal Scanning Overview

Rapid Scanning and Tracking with LED flashing lights when the elevated temp is dedicated

Rapid Tracking

Pre-screening questionnaire on either screen with voice or gesture controls or with a customized mobile app

CDC Questionnaire/Survey


  • Easy to use software interface.
  • Customize what your end-user Sees and does.

From Initial Scan to Full Data Analytics

Keep facilities safer, customize your user experience with administrative reports, compliant data delivery, and analysis at your fingertips.

Automatic data capture
Set up options for security and compliance
Analyze and review temperature scan data
Identify trends or areas of concern

Plans & Delivery Options

FAQ & Info

Thermal Scanning System Features & Benefits

Temperature Scanning for Schools

Entry-Point Thermal Screening for Businesses

Elevated Body Temperature Tracking for Facilities

  • Full face, skin temperature detection for preliminary screening
  • Complete packages available including hardware, software, kiosk
  • Multi-person scanning for group entry and instant elevated body temperature assessment*
  • 4ft distance for better Protection
  • Audio and visual instructions to follow
  • Automated CDC questionnaire*
  • Voice recognition command to activate more features.
  • Video call and Virtual Reception features*
  • Custom workflow and branding.
  • Facial Recognition integration with employee database and Access Control systems.
  • Sensors from FLIR® and other vendors
  • Data analysis integration
  • Badge, scanner, printer options for pass fail*


Why TempDefend?

In a COVID-impacted world, there is an increased need for digital signage to shift from a static experience to one that can inform and protect communities. 22Miles developed TempDefend, a fully interactive thermal screening software solution, as a component of the Protection as a Service (PaaS) suite of products. These solutions were engineered to provide highly customizable digital signage solutions for healthcare organizations, corporate, transportation, hospitality, retail, education, and other markets in need of prevention-based technology to manage COVID and future viral spread in their communities.

TempDefend is a quickly deployable plug-and-play solution for kiosks, tablets, video displays, and more that allows for thermal screening of employees, customers, vendors, and guests as they attempt to enter a facility, prior to being allowed access to whole buildings or specific rooms.

TempDefend can be integrated at a building’s entrance or at interior building checkpoints, providing quick analysis and protection for offices, stores, universities, medical facilities, transportation, and other spaces. Data obtained from TempDefend can also be stored and reviewed later for audits or other operational needs.

“Public health screening at point of entry can be resource-intensive, but it is a flexible intervention that can be scaled up or down according to needs and status of outbreak. In addition to detecting ill entrants, screening at point of entry provides an excellent opportunity to educate about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and protect families from infection, and what to do if they become ill”

Source: CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019


Protecting yourself, your staff, and other visitors and patrons from the spread of contagious diseases begins with identifying, quarantining, and treating infected individuals. TempDefend’ s thermal sensor technology provides an accurate and affordable solution to alert individuals of heightened temperature (possible infection) status while protecting others in and around your facilities. 22MILES TempDefend can capture analytics that ensures your operational, compliance, and HR requirements (optional client consent). AI enabling of response customization, analytics, networking, and synchronizing of TempDefend anomaly alerts, as well as compliance logs for legal audit trails, are available.

TempDefend™ is compatible with your own sensor hardware or click here to view ready to go packages

Thermal detection software solutions by 22MILES empower organizations with safety, flexibility, and technology that better allows facilities to navigate the new normal. While fever detection technology cannot ensure that all entrants who are infected are flagged upon entry, the first line of defense in the prevention of viral spread is the identification of those who are at risk. Thermal screening for elevated body temperature provides a strategic benefit to public servicing organizations that simply makes sense.




Proprietary U.S Sourced Solution

TempDefend is a component of 22MILES Protection-as-a-Service Solutions suite

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