Enterprise Digital Signage Deployment: On-Premise Control and Validation


22MILES offers Enterprise deployment for companies that wish to install, manage and maintain their interactive and digital signage installation behind their corporate firewall.

22MILES’ Enterprise solution includes all the functionality of our CMS signage solution, but gives you the control and validation over 3rd-party products that many regulated businesses requirements. You would like to consider 22MILES’ Enterprise solution if your business:

  • Requires that all company data reside behind your corporate firewall
  • Must meet compliance guidelines governing company data management
  • Has no Internet access
  • Content update for individual or multiple kiosks
  • Multi-level Account Management: Administrator, Editor, and Kiosk Privileges
  • Kiosk Management (Kiosk Tag, Name, Online/Offline Status, Information, Group, Module, Content assignment)
  • Content Version Control (Create, Edit, Publish)
  • Dataset Version Control (Create, Edit, Publish)
  • Kiosk Status Monitoring/Alert
  • VMware and Virtual Server environment capable

Multi-tenant Hosting capabilities also available per request.