22 Miles unique and viable cloud-based solution

Today, businesses gradually rely on managed cloud that responds in real-time, with much less implementation and management efforts. 22MILES’ multi-tenant architecture provides a high level of flexibility, reliability and performance in the digital signage industry, ensuring secure data transfer to your displays anywhere in the world.

22MILES understands that flexibility, functionality, and reliability are critical to our partners’ and clients’ success. That’s why we invest heavily in an advanced digital signage network infrastructure.

  • Content control for individual or multiple kiosks
  • Access full Designer and Manager from anywhere
  • Multi-level Account Management: Administrator, Editor, and Kiosk Privileges
  • Kiosk Management (Kiosk Tag, Name, Online/Offline Status, Information, Group, Module, Content assignment)
  • Content Version Control (Create, Edit, Publish)
  • Kiosk Status Monitoring/Alert

Let the 22 Miles Cloud provide your network with a reduction in project deployment, simplify scalability and decrease infrastructure requirements. Allowing any organization unlimited control of their customizations, managed interactions and updates. Take advantage of a superlative digital and interactive network solution unmatched in the industry.