Event Room Boards

22MILES’ digital signage seamlessly connects room boards, interactive meeting displays into one turn-key, easy to use platform. This next-generation application captivates guests and visitors in a more dynamic and engaging way. With minimum IT knowledge, any marketing or event director can have full and flexible control of their unique brand design, seamlessly keep the appropriate room boards automated with event management interface control from all 3rd-party data sources, and provide a whole new approach to the term interactivity.

Solution and Application examples Include:

Meeting room boards – ADCore

Remove the hassle and old-school-style of printing and posting event signage, get ready for easy automation reflecting changes made to your event calendar.

  • Seamless interface to your back-end event management system or 3rd-party data sources
  • Automate your events and meetings into a digital format that provides times, dates, locations, company logos, and even wayfinding arrows.
  • Upgrade to an interactive solution and with an onscreen keyboard, attendees book rooms, send email if they require assistance, and search upcoming events, or listings.

Android Sign

Enhance the atmosphere of your menus with a high-tech and high-end interactive digital signage solution.

  • Simply include menu navigation to any interactive menu board, and watch as you draw in customer involvements and satisfaction.
  • Create a VIP experience with a menu board that provides web control for promotional enrollments, ordering any time, multi-language and multimedia integrations.
  • Have your customers’ senses engaged with new promotions, HD food and drink photos and videos with vector controls right on their fingertips.