Benefits of our Mobile App

Carry2Mobile features deliver a simple & intuitive navigation experience with a simple QR Scan

Seamlessy display multi-building, campus design with indoors to outdoors travel routes

Live Positioning travels with visitors and staff even when changing floors. Supports Cisco CMX, Ruckus, WIFI, BLE and AR

Available for HTML5, ios, Android, and as an SDK to integrate into other apps

Flexible Mobile Capabilities for Any Experience

3D Wayfinding

Enhance the employees, guests, and personnel mobile experience with navigation to your properties with 3D design and turn-by-turn directions on a digital map. Leverage added wayfinding features on your device with Fly Over, Stacked View, multi-floor destination, 360-degree direction designs, and start location editing controls with 22Miles built-in engine and map module settings. All are supported with a smart pathway algorithm or indoor positioning systems for real-time on-the-go mobile solutions.

Room Booking

Deploy a collaborative corporate mobile experience for meeting rooms and shared spaces with live reservations and map support. Instantly check desk availability, sanitized areas, room amenity and technology information, event and alert notifications, intelligent wayfinding with insight on room occupancy and availability, and density optimizations on the go. Auto-cancelation and check-in options with IDs, RFID, and NFC or sensor integrations.

Hot Desking/Hoteling

Search for and see the location of workstations dynamically with a map of your office. With Office hoteling features, users can see desk amenities, view space utilization, and reserve open seats. Automatic check-in and out through with your mobile application. Filter and trigger advanced booking options, per department, per user, or even guest accesses. Integrate SSO and Active Directory or security data integrations for real-time and secure controlled solutions. Highlight availability to match office capacity and workforce thresholds.

News, Events & Surveys

Inform, educate, and evaluate with added design layers to your mobile application. Incorporate organization-wide news and live feeds featuring the latest stories, venue events, promotions, Ads, performance KPI and dashboard data. Create survey entry fields within the application for a personalized experience and better visibility of your organization, property feedback, or internal data.

Tradeshow & Events Apps

22Miles provides tradeshow and live event mobile wayfinding and exhibitor design applications for guests and attendees on the go. Incorporate show floor with 3D booth designs, session information, Cvent, and other show API integrations for targeted attendee information and event notifications. Provide recommendations and filtered show content, all editable in real-time through the 22Miles PublisherPro.AIOT mobile designer and property settings.

Check out – OCCC Mobile App- Case Study

Check-in & Access Control

Integrate an access control system with APIs, SSO, security systems, and employee ID data applications to the mobile solution for a safer and more controlled work environment. Capture valuable data to help monitor and optimize campus health, capacity, and usage. Install sensors automatically to register when employees arrive at their reserved workstation. Create questionnaires and QR codes with scanned solutions from the mobile device for check-in options. Giving operations better control over the site at every entry point.

Find A Person

Design and filter an in-app search for contacts, tenants, and colleagues within a workspace or campus. Locate staff workstations and receive turn-by-turn navigation to their space. Book a nearby desk or meeting space to make collaboration easier. Find a doctor or tenant with built-in directory search fields. Integrate active directory and other directory systems for automated filtering.

Venue & Arena with Wayfinding

We all need a better way to find our suite, seats, favorite loaded hot dog stand, and fast. Custom design and integrate a mobile application for any sporting or venue stadium. Highlight a menu of features such as live arena notifications, promotions, ticketing options, selfie options, social media tagging, concession locations, and schedules. Incorporate editable 3D wayfinding with labels and custom layers for a dynamic experience at each new event. Incorporate augmented Reality to create an innovative component for future design and image recognition.

WIFI and BLE Support

Create smart indoor spaces with indoor positioning solutions. Provide users with an advanced mobile application integrated with accurate real-time indoor location and positioning services leveraging BLE or WIFI access points. Leverage Cisco CMX, Ruckus, Gimbal, Zebra,, Polaris, Aruba, and many others through a simple X/Y Source algorithm. 22Miles can also provide a positioning SDK app for better proximity testing and insights and location signals. Or power AR with our proprietary computer vision with unique landmark image inputs that create superimposed positioning for large shopping locations, education, live venue halls, and corporate campuses.

AR with Image Recognition

Augmented Reality is now a reality. 22Miles' Augmented Reality plug-in brings a new human interface to react to imagery in the user's environment. Augmented pop-ups and routes can promote floating content, advertise trending products and events to boost sales, and provide feedback to ensure users feel comfortable heading in the right direction. The 22Miles proprietary system supports machine learning image recognition to create a real-world digital guide for the user's environment, especially in unfamiliar environments. With computer vision implemented, visual cues for wayfinding appear in real-time and float on a mobile device with AR pins, communicating walking distance, rerouting, promotional content as a spatial based positioning system.

Mobile App Options Include All these Features

Weather ( with Custom Icons )
Twitter and Social
Date / Time ( with Custom Formats )
Exchange/O365 and G Suite ( ICS, LDAP )
News Tickers, RSS Tickers
XML, RSS CSV Support
Static Images
JSON Feeds
Dynamic Images ( GIF )
Web Page
Free-style List Widget
Zone ( Rotating Banners and Slideshows )
Event List
Animations and Transitions
Directory List
1080P Videos
Room and desk reservation filters
Video Format:mpeg-4
Timer and Countdown
Single Source Event Feed
Dynamic QR Code
Room & Hot Desking
Multi-touch Gestures
Feedback / Survey
Client-editable Google Map
Staff Login to Retrieve More Content / Map
Directory Search
Donor & Alumni List
Event Search
Flight Search & Flight Status
Custom Interactive Website
Multi-language ( Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left )
NFC and RFID for Touchless Integrations

Mobile Wayfinding App Features

  • Basic Features

  • Route Conditions

  • Destination Support

  • Directions Support

  • Indoor Positioning

  • Multi-lingual

  • Map Update

  • List of rooms and hotspots

  • Events, Popular locations, Promotions and Product locations integration

  • Multiple destinations support

  • Turn-by-turn information

  • Visual route on map

  • Integrate with QR code, email, text on touchscreen to easily direct visitors to mobile site, or App Store

  • 360-degree Virtual Tour (Panorama)

  • 2D Wayfinding & 3D Wayfinding

  • Vector-based Map

  • Offline Usage

  • 3rd-party Integration

  • Nearby POIs (food, bus, flight,…)

  • Shortest routes

  • Accessible, Employee or any special routes defined by route manager

  • One-way, temporarily disabled paths and preferred paths

  • Time scheduled paths/doors (operation hours)

  • Elevated floors (buildings built on hills), tunnels, bridges, and skywalks

  • Easily support thousands of destinations/hotspots/touchpoints

  • Multi-building, Multi-floor and Cross-campus

  • Indoor and outdoor

  • Turn-by-turn directions in levels of details

  • Estimated distance

  • Estimated travel time

  • Cisco CMX Integration

  • Ruckus Positioning

  • WiFI Positioning System

  • BLE/Bluetooth Positioning Systems

  • AR Plug-in with Landmark Image Recognition

  • Simple X/Y Source Integration

  • Multi-lingual support for map, popup and turn-by-turn information

  • No limit of languages

  • Reuse the same map developed for kiosk on mobile site

  • 1-click to publish map and routes update to mobile site