Ushering in the future of digital signage with power-packed media players

In an age where the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are ubiquitous, incorporating technology at a level where even the most simplistic experience can be anticipated, catered to, and expanded, our understanding of the world around us and the way we process information is expanding. In the technology sector, one innovation that sits at the forefront of this movement is interactive wayfinding.

The public uses every possible tool from google maps and other apps to guided satellite technology to not only determine where to go and when, but how best to get there. Now the advancements have begun to open new doors as to how complementary technologies can best work together to unlock unprecedented access and intuitive innovations, removing barriers that once existed and placing the power of an open world at the user’s fingertips.

Since the concept of mobile and interactive wayfinding was in its infancy, Silicon Valley-based tech firm 22Miles has paved new roads as a leader within the digital signage and interactive wayfinding markets. The company boasts a resume that includes over 2,200 client deployments/installations, impacting a global audience of over two million users per day. From simple to complex projects, their flagship CMS Publisher Pro Platform is positioned for its latest version release, as the company expands partnerships with other leading technology companies. One such company is Intel®, another market leader within a variety of technology sectors.

Video 1. Introducing the Intel® NUC with Interactive Wayfinding from 22Miles.


Digital Signage and Wayfinding with the Intel NUC

The Intel® NUC is a small form factor PC with a tiny footprint. Short for “Next Unit of Computing,” Intel® NUC provides full-sized PC power in the palm of your hand. The Intel® NUC is easily configurable to exactly the way in which your application requires it.

infographic, NUC

Figure 1. The Intel® NUC main features.

With the NUC engine powered by 22Miles, now an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate, customers can not only enjoy cutting edge wayfinding but from a data perspective, administrators can monitor and track every click that occurs, studying visitor or guest insights, while also taking advantage of the capability to push content for advertising opportunities. Integration of existing third-party schedules or promotions is also easily achieved, with data auto-sync to the kiosk within minutes. 22Miles modular kiosk design allows for multiple display configurations enabling customers to maximize space and foot traffic across locations.

digital signage, kioskFigure 2. The Intel® NUC for digital signs and interactive kiosks.

These kiosks have proven to be a key component in Smart Cities.  This includes Transportation Hubs, where dynamic transit information and directions are provided, and hospitality, where events management, outlets, and points of interest are easily shared. They also span healthcare, where a common pain-point of getting to appointments on time has been mitigated, or higher education, where navigating through campuses is streamlined. In buildings such as museums, where interactivity and location-based infotainment are presented, and even centers, zoos, smart retail, shopping malls, venue, and corporate/enterprise spaces, the presence of a kiosk has become a near-critical epicenter of both navigation and information.

The benefits are dual tiered for both administrators and end-users and include the ability to:
Inform and engage end-users with dynamic proximity-based pop-up messaging, augmented reality content, and 3D map views
Improve the wayfinding experience by using smart pathway algorithms with automatic destination routing, unique construction pathway rerouting, and ADA compliance
Simplify signage management through PublisherPro, a centralized content management system that wirelessly updates kiosks within minutes and supports third party schedules and promotions


A partnership into the future

Statistics indicate that kiosk type displays are expected to dominate the entire digital signage hardware market between 2019 and 2024 due to the increasing usage of digital signage systems around the world. The global interactive kiosk market size is predicted to reach over USD 38 billion by 2025, a significant increase over the 23.11 billion in 2018.

The partnership between two established leaders in computer technology and wayfinding will be key to driving results for customers. As the two companies continue to tear down common industry barriers to digital transformation, including high initial device costs, complex deployment processes, and difficult device management, 22Miles and Intel will continue to move forward, influencing the technology that becomes the new standard and opening new pathways to imaginative outcomes.

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