Digital signage software and solutions provider 22 Miles has released its latest whitepaper titled “The Real Cost of Lost Patients: How digital wayfinding saves time, money and frustration.”

“When a colleague and I were showing showing our Waytouch Premier to a children’s hospital, their main concern when implementing interactive wayfinding was engagement and ROI,” said Kathy Isaacs, account manager at 22 Miles. “We realized that a whitepaper would address their needs. With some of our consulting partners in wayfinding for healthcare facilities, and using analytics built into our software, we were able to produce a concise data driven perspective.”

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Learn How Digital Wayfinding Can Save Your Patients Time,
Reduce Your Costs, and Improve Experiences

Free White Paper On How To Effectively Use Wayfinding Digital Signage In Healthcare Facilities

Attempting to find a specific location with in a large clinic can often be a challenge for both patients and visitors. Hospital staff are often occupied, and typically static signage does not provide comprehensive answers.

What you learn from this whitepaper

The purpose of this 9-page white paper is to develop ideas on how to improve your facilities wayfinding signage using interactive digital signage.

What you get from this white paper

  • The science behind digital wayfinding and how it benefits your patients
  • How to improve patient reviews and opinions about your facility
  • Boost productivity while increasing staff efficiency
  • How you can save time and money by using digital wayfinding

Table of content for this white paper


Page. 1

Anxiety Creates Confusion

Page. 2

Lost Patients Ask Staff For Directions

Page. 3

Staff Members Get Lost Too

Page. 4

Lost Patients Can Affect Surveys

Page. 5

Appointment Schedules and Wait Times

Page. 6

Large Medical Campus Wayfinding

Page. 7

Getting Around Is Important

Page. 8


Page. 9

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