MILES is a digital signage vendor, based out of Silicon Valley, bringing a fresh approach to the digital signage market. In today’s era where most organizations, including shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities, among others, strive to get smarter by using cutting edge technology, 22MILES allows them to be competitive by delivering them the right technology, consistently. By bringing together the power of engaging content, digital signage software, interactive 3D wayfinding, and a customizable smartphone-inspired interface, 22MILES is helping some of the large facilities in the world create a more engaging user experience for all their visitors. The company’s multi-touch digital signage platform can be leveraged across the board for all digital applications that are of any size or in any format.

According to Tomer Mann, EVP, Global VP Sales & Operation of 22MILES, it all comes down to the fact that 22MILES is “not a stagnant application.” “We are developing a new feature nearly every day,” states Tomer. “In 2017, we developed and released 1.4 features on an average, every day.” It is the commitment to innovation that not only allows 22MILES to provide a single solution for countless digital applications, but also one that is solving a significant issue for many of today’s biggest corporations. While many larger facilities are being bombarded with digital solutions that will only last for a year or two—22MILES is able to provide customers with a truly scalable platform that aligns with the evolving needs of the clients.

Driven by the zeal to disrupt the market, 22MILES keeps itself up-to-date with the latest and the greatest technologies being implemented across the globe. The company then swings into action quickly to release updates for their clientele,

Enabling clients to deliver greater experiences to their customers with engaging content. “Besides daily updates, we also release updates on a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis,” informs Mann. They also offer a mobile app development platform that allows their clients to create their own iOS or Android app and deploy it on the App Store or Google Play.
22MILES is one of the only digital signage companies in the industry that implements a wayfinding editing tool.

We are developing a new feature nearly every day; innovation is in our DNA


In addition to their scalable platform, app development, 3D, 2D, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), are all part of their robust platform and the endless list of features and functionalities they bring to their clients. The company just rolled out an AR plugin that makes it possible to add superimposed wayfinding to mobile applications.

The versatility of this platform can be summed up entirely in the company’s simple, yet poignant motto “innovation is in our DNA,” which has helped the company experience tremendous growth over the past few years, expanding at a rate of nearly 250 percent year on year in the last four years.

A case in point is when 22MILES helped one of the top three pharma companies in the world to build a single, centralized management system that will handle all the internal needs of their 200 offices spread globally. The centralized system proved effective in not only in disseminating HR announcements to the 40,000 employees of the company but also provided native support to Office 365, Active Directory, and SSO allowing employees to gain access to hot desk capabilities while enabling the management to reach out to all the employees via various digital channels.

While new technological developments are in the pipeline, 22MILES’ focus lies still on the needs of their customers. This, according to Mann, means continuing to provide technology that helps provide engaging content in applicable, real-world solutions that will outlast and evolve with the changing times—from smart buildings to smart cities and everything in between.

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