For more than 20 years, the Broward Center has been the cornerstone of culture, entertainment and arts-in-education in the Fort Lauderdale community. It went through a $50 Million renovation and expansion project that would enrich the experience of every guest who visits.

The capital project would renovate, renew, revitalize and ultimately redefine the Broward Center for the future. Technology will be integrated throughout the campus; with the establishment of digital box office video walls, interactive wayfinding, digital menus, event room boards, and advertising large format displays with live streaming feeds of the theatre stage during live shows. The full experience was to innovate the campus in a modern and next-generation appeal for their entire attendee and education for the arts community.

With Broward’s vision for a next-gen solution to be implemented campus wide utilizing a strong in-house editing platform, Broward sought out the digital expertise of 22 Miles. 22 Miles with the assistance of AVI SPL were able to provide a turn-key solution that would allow the center to redefine their campus’s visual communication appeal and insert a new level of advertising and promotional content into large format and interactive applications.

22 Miles was able to design a new user experience with specific brand standards and a look-and-feel interface that provided the center with multiple turn-by-turn directions for their theatre locations. The Center wanted to provide their guests with navigation to any of the entrances to any one room, such as the mezzanine with it’s four entrances, or it’s VIP Club suites with specific stairways and pathways.

The Center also wanted to make a dynamic splash with their box office implementing two 1 x 6 video walls that can provide independent show information and Ads, and yet combine together for sponsorship videos and large scale communication information. They also implemented two 2 x 2 video walls inside their main lobby corridor for welcome and promotional information. The 22 Miles was easily able to handle every aspect of these large scale installations with multiple level resolution and configuration capabilities.


Working with its System Design partner, Talaske Group, and AV partner, AVI-SPL, 22 Miles and its Wayfinding and signage software was able to save crucial time, and stay under budget for the center. Broward performing Arts was so impressed with the design capabilities of 22 Miles that they did not want to lose on the creativity and appeal of their new brands user-experience that they retained 22 Miles for content management support. Now the center can focus on its core duties and just provide 22 Miles assigned content manager with PDFs, show flyers, and promotional videos to insert dynamically through the Cloud and schedule out to all their digital displays on campus. The team at Broward could not be happier with the success of their guest experience and positive feedbacks. Guests of all ages are able to navigate the campus for their show seats, are able to quickly see what drinks or concession food is available, and be able to understand all the upcoming shows in the most visually stimulating design. Success as usual was achieved!

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