In order to reduce both the stress and anxiety of finding your way around such a huge facility, an intelligent wayfinding strategy has been developed at GCUH to help patients, their families, visitors and staff orientate around the new hospital. A number of elements work together to help with navigation around the facility. These include: attractive physical signage for exterior and interior, an intuitive Ward naming convention, and next-gen Interactive Touch Screen Wayfinding Kiosks with software by 22 Miles, Inc.

The Touchscreen wayfinding and information kiosks, located at the two main entrances, will provide such services as: directory search with smart search and multi-language switching, cross-complex public and staff wayfinding to over 8000 rooms with turn-by-turn printed directions, facilities and amenities search, a mobile website version and QR Code send-to-mobile, a wheel chair accessibility button to rearrange the screen layout, and more.

Large scale campus wayfinding and advanced interactive directory features are 22MILES’ expertise. 22MILES’ off-the-shelf software easily supports building-to-building and floor-to-floor wayfinding for all 6 buildings, 39 floors and 8000 rooms for the new hospital.

22MILES also was able to support some other advanced features as standard like multi-language switching and staff login. The multi-lingual system supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Serbian and Korean, with one tap to change the language throughout the entire interface, directory and map. Since the large new health facility will be foreign to recently joined staff members as well, GCUH also requested 22MILES add a Staff Login function where by staff can enter their employee password to unlock certain buildings and floors for wayfinding that is inaccessible to the public.

GCUH will also be able to easily manage their directory, map and all other informational data via a secure, self-hosted 22MILES Enterprise server from their central office.

About Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH): A $1.8 billion project, GCUH is the 3rd largest hospital in Queensland, Australia. The new 750-bed facility will offer specialist cancer and cardiac services, neurosciences, trauma and neonatal intensive care.

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