Intel & 22Miles Wayfinding – Midtown Atlanta Community Bolsters User Experience with Technology

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Midtown Atlanta’s Foremost Mixed-Use-Community finds its way to the Future as the “Community of the Future” with Intel & 22Miles.
One of Atlanta, Georgia’s premier growing multi-use communities, “Colony Square” embraced creating an immersive, modernized visitor experience with technology solutions from Intel and 22Miles.
With an eclectic array of businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues that includes three skyscrapers, offices, the W hotel, and the popular Colony Square Mall, and an athletic club, one can get easily overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds of the bustling city center. To make it easy for residents to engage and stay informed with happenings, corporate offices, and retail establishments to promote and guide customers and guests, and visitors to plan their day, 22Miles 3D Interactive Wayfinding with Secure Mobile Control, powered by Intel Nucs and additional Intel Market ready solutions was installed and positioned across eight kiosks in and around Colony Square. The modern technology sophistication granted the community a visually appealing user experience that matches the iconic area’s allure.
Designed in a modernist style, Colony Square is still growing, currently featuring three skyscrapers, two containing offices, the W hotel, and the popular Colony Square Mall, which sits beneath a sky-lit atrium where the food court, retail shops, and athletic club are positioned.
With this diverse array of businesses, tourist attractions, arts & entertainment, and modern urban residences, navigating and engaging in the rich experiences of Colony Square required a level of modern technology sophistication, that would match the iconic area’s allure.
Intel |  22Miles Wayfinding  |  Digital Signage Solutions | Secure Mobile Control
Secure Mobile Control by 22MILES is a functionality that allows the end-user to have full control of their wayfinding experience. Kiosks, powered by intel, can be controlled remotely on the user’s phone which gives them the option to have a touchless experience.
Whether used in Airports, Corporate organizations, Colleges, Hospitality, Healthcare, or other markets, remote mobile control can be integrated with any type of wayfinding.
The curated user experience of Colony Square begins with 22Miles’ immersive wayfinding experience. Powered by the compact computing technology of the intel Nuc, with digital signage screens and custom kiosks by Meridian, the journey begins as a touch or touchless experience.
Visitors can explore the many dining options, events, and businesses of colony square, using the interactive menus to gather quick information, plan their Colony Square experience, and get instant, arrow-driven turn-by-turn directions to any of the attractions within the robust midtown community. Residents and others can see updated schedules of happenings, learn about what’s new, and interact with whatever information the community wants to share on the dynamic large user screens.
As a part of the award-winning PaaS (Protection-as-a-Service) suite initiative, 22Miles also provided Colony Square with a “Touchless Touch” option…where users can simply scan a QR code, and interact with any of the facility’s 8 screens on their own mobile device…a more safe and hygienic interactive experience.
Intel | 22Miles Wayfinding Highlights:
  • Enhanced 3D Map Views
Enhancing any experience with a realistic 3D Design. Fly Over, Stacked View, multi-floor destination, 360-degree direction controls, and screen orientation
  • Smart Pathway Algorithm (new-normal or restricted Automatic Destination Routing)
Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates directions based on personalized shortest path and ease of accessibility
  • Dynamic Map Pop-Ups
Pop-up descriptions and images, alerts, and safety notices
  • ADA/Wheelchair Routes
  • Detour Pathway Rerouting (occupancy control pathways)
  • Smart detour scheduling capabilities. Creating a safe and dynamic navigational experience
  • Smart Search
  • Add option Voice control for an easy final destination searching
  • Map it Now
  • Receive instant turn by turn directions through SMS, QR Codes, Emails, and Printing and have the wayfinding on the go
  • Wayfinding Analytics
  • Integrate 22MILES analytics engine to track and monitor navigation searches occupancy and usage data
22MILES solutions for Interactive Wayfinding and visual communications, paired with the Power of INTEL solutions, the i3 to i7 NUC Processors, are ideal for modern communities, facilities large and small, agile workspace, and organizations of any type. Modern technology, for a modern community…opening the door to limitless user engagement possibilities
About Tomer Mann
Tomer Mann is the CRO of 22Miles. As a veteran in the digital signage industry for more than 14 years, Tomer strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations.

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