October 22Miles Media

As usual, 22Miles made a few media headlines in October. We gathered up a couple of our favorite mentions in this article. Check out the links below for the latest news about our award-winning digital signage solutions.

Our CRO, Tomer Mann, recently wrote an article for Dealerscope.com. In a nutshell, it talks about strategies for brick-and-mortar retail stores. COVID changed the way we shop. While e-commerce accounts for 37 percent of retail sales, it’s up from 27 percent pre-pandemic. Rumors of brick-and-mortar retail’s demise are premature. Last year, the growth rate of brick-and-mortar retail outstripped that of online shopping, growing beyond pre-pandemic levels. Shopper behaviors indicate that people can shop for just about anything online, but given a choice, they don’t always want to. Learn more about the strategies retailers are implementing in the rest of the article.

Sustainable signage solutions are here to stay. 22Miles announced our exciting distribution partnership with ecoPUK, a company that designs and makes analog signs for workplaces, to marry printed material with digital via QR codes and the 22Miles platform. While always-on digital room signage meets that need, it carries a high initial purchase price and energy usage cost over its three-to-five-year lifespan. ecoPUK offers a sustainable alternative to traditional room signage that is more cost-effective than conventional signage and can last up to a decade.

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