The Quick Start Guide to Creating Digital Signage Content for Your Healthcare Facility

The immense benefits of digital signage for staff, patients, visitors and the practice cannot be ignored. The benefits that using healthcare digital signage in your facility provide:

  • Easy navigation
  • Better patient experience and satisfaction
  • More informed patients and visitors
  • Stronger brand loyalty
  • Boost patient engagement
  • Lessen waiting time and missed appointments
  • Support revenue initiatives

While digital screens serve as the medium, it is content that shapes experience and inspires action.

It’s vital to have knowledge of the tools and best practices in creating effective content. You don’t even have to be a design expert to create and implement them.

13 Tips for Creating Digital Signage Content for Your Healthcare Facility

Understand your audience.

Your audience has different needs. It’s vital that you clearly define your audience before you create the content. Make sure that the content speaks directly to them. Otherwise, they won’t pay attention at all. For instance, you can show child care related content in digital signage placed at waiting rooms near the pediatricians’ clinics. If most patients in one area of your facility are adult patients, show content that they are interested in. Create content that will benefit your specific audience and patients.

Create an editorial calendar.

The good thing about digital signage is that the content can easily be changed. Thus, it’s recommended that you update the content regularly to keep it fresh, relevant and timely. Start by taking note of every event, holidays and season for the whole year. Make sure to include hospital events such as conferences, medical missions, and more. From there, you can start creating an event calendar. Set reminders on when you will update your digital signage. Also, list every resource you need to create the content.

Consider different content mediums.

With the flexibility of digital signage, you are not restricted to plain text format. It’s time to showcase your creativity with several types of content. Your digital signage content can include graphics, video, animations, clips, sounds, interactive media and other formats. This way, your audience will stay interested in what is being shown on screen. Just take note on when and how you will use those different mediums in your digital signage playlist.

Set a plan to repurpose.

There are several sources of content that you can show on digital signage screen. You can also repurpose that content in multiple platforms. This is one way to achieve consistency. When content is repurposed, people will understand the message even more. Think about how you can use one type of content in several ways. For example, you can use the health news or video on your website and show them on screen. Or if you have images on your digital screen, you can repurpose them and use them on your blog or newsletters.

Provide bonus content.

When creating content, make it your goal to attract people to pay attention to what is on the screen. It’s important that you find ways to create interest. This is why you need to enhance your digital signage screen using several features such as news tickers, branded frames, etc. As you design your content, take note of extra spaces where you can add bonus content. Just don’t overcrowd your screen.

Include calls-to-action

Lead and guide people to act on your message. Use your digital signage as an opportunity to inspire and motivate your audience. When you want your audience to do something, tell it on screen. Don’t make them guess what steps to take, otherwise, they won’t pursue an action. For instance, ask them to check your patient kiosks. Or if you share content related to wellness, remind them to schedule their preventative care. If you have fundraisers or charity drives, lead them to where they can give their donations.

Types of Content to Include in Your Digital Signage Playlist

There are several types of content you can display on your digital signage. Among these are:

  1. Healthcare events. Share special events that your practice or healthcare facility is having for the entire year.
  1. Health-related information. Interesting, informative and fun health tips and information can turn a stressful day into a positive one. Add trivia to engage and educate your audience.
  1. Patient-generated content. Show how much you value your patients. Ask permission to some of your patients or their loved ones. Share their stories, congratulate them for giving birth, etc.
  1. Other health services and promotions. Most patients are not familiar with every service in your facility. Use your digital screen to promote these offerings to create interest. It can be a birthday wellness package, free bone screenings, etc.
  1. Seasonal reminders. Anticipate the change of the season with related health care initiatives. For example, importance of flu shots during winter, health care tips during spring, wearing sunscreen and protection as they enjoy their summer, getting ready for school sports in the fall, etc.
  1. Personal connection. Let your patients see a different aspect of your practice. You can share how you started, your inspiration, your involvement in the community, get-togethers with hospital staffs, and a lot more.
  1. Staff introductions. Share introductions of your key facility team with your patients. This helps establish the connection and trust with everyone in the hospital.
  1. Procedure overview. Ease the worries and concerns of patients. Give them an idea of what to expect during their appointments. Explain the procedures briefly and make them see the benefits that the procedures will bring to their life.
  1. Healthcare initiatives. Educate your patients and visitors on every national healthcare campaign, event or activity. Use this to promote healthcare awareness days, weeks, and months.
  1. Home health care tips. There are several health and wellness tips that you can share that will improve the lives of your patients. If they are taking care of themselves at home, share access to caregiver resources or tips that will help them do their activities safely.
  1. Preventive care information. Remind patients to schedule their screenings and immunizations. Highlight how these will improve their health and prevent them from having major illnesses.
  1. Better health information. Highlight the importance of taking control of one’s health. Share content that meets their needs that will help them understand specific services and behaviors to adapt.
  1. Patient portal promotions. Introduce Electronic Health Record (EHR) to patients and caregivers. Highlight the benefits and the impact that it will bring

Digital signage content is as important as the digital signage system you have installed. As you start creating the content playlist for your healthcare facility, keep in mind the impact that it will bring to your patients, visitors, staff and practices as a whole.

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