Secure Mobile Control in 22 Seconds

In 22 seconds, this video will demonstrate how you can interact with the content at any kiosk or digital screen via a QR code scan with Secure Mobile Control. This feature of 22Miles Publisher Pro creates hygienically-safe touchless touch signage experiences using a mobile web browser. And there is no requirement to download or install a new application.

Secure Mobile Control (SMC) enables any user to convert their mobile device into a digital signage controller. They can control any kiosk or digital signage screen with a simple QR code scan using their mobile device screen as a mouse pad. This technology allows for a safer, hygienically secure, touch-free experience.

Touching public displays and transmitting bacteria and viruses is an ongoing issue. While there are methods for protecting touchscreen users from encountering pathogens, nothing compares to the safety of contact-free screen interactions with a digital signage controller.

The solution works great in shopping malls, mixed-used communities, businesses, conference centers, and other high-traffic facilities. Contact-free interaction is the preferred method in today’s post-pandemic world. You can discover more about the benefits of Secure Mobile Control, here.

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