Plug & Play Self Service Thermal Detection Technology for Facility Safety, Public Assurance, Peace of Mind
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All part of Protection as a Service™ Suite

TempDefend™ Features

  • Full face, skin temperature detection for preliminary screening.
  • 4ft distance for better Protection.
  • Audio and visual instructions to follow.
  • Voice recognition command to activate more features.
  • Video call and Virtual Reception features.
  • Custom workflow and branding.
  • Facial Recognition integration with employee database and Access Control systems.
  • Sensors from FLIR® and other vendors.

Temperature Sensor Solution

TempDefend Temperature scanning

To meet the new challenges COVID-19 and other viruses present in public spaces, TempDefend™ is 22MILES latest innovation. As a component of our suite of Protection as a Service™ solutions 22MILES TempDefend™ thermo-sensing technology leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread. TempDefend is the ideal plug-and-play solution that allows businesses and employers to rebuild consumer/ employee confidence and safety as stay-at-home orders and restrictions ease around the world.

TempDefend™ Multi Tracking - Protection as a Service™

Why TempDefend?

Protecting yourself, your staff, and other visitors and patrons from the spread of contagious diseases begin with identifying, quarantining, and treating infected individuals. TempDefend’s thermal sensor technology provides an accurate and affordable solution to alert individuals of heightened temperature (possible infection) status while protecting others in and around your facilities. 22MILES TempDefend can capture analytics that ensures your operational, compliance, and HR requirements (optional client consent). AI enabling of response customization, analytics, networking, and synchronizing of TempDefend anomaly alerts, as well as compliance logs for legal audit trails, are available.

TempDefend™ is compatible with your own sensor hardware or 22M suggested/provided sensors.

TempDefend can be customized to the needs of your organization. Packages available include:

TempDefend™ Protection Basic

TempDefend™ Protection Basic

TempDefend™ Premium – Protection as a Service™ (PaaS)

TempDefend™ Premium - Protection as a Service™ (PaaS)

TempDefend™ Reception – Protection as a Service™

TempDefend™ Reception - Protection as a Service™

TempDefend™ Multi Tracking – Protection as a Service™

TempDefend™ Multi Tracking - Protection as a Service™

A La Carte Features available include:

  • Facial Recognition integration with employee database for check-in
  • Facial Recognition integration with Access Control systems

TempDefend Plan Comparisons

Features Basic Premium PaaS Receptionist
Approaches Kiosk
Show messages to move closer or move further away Show messages to move closer or move further away Notifies Receptionist
Audio and Video Instruction tell user what to do
Takes Temperature
Elevated Temperature
Use your own cell phone to call a supervisor to notify them and for further instructions User says Voice Command and kiosk calls the designated person inside Notification with temperature shows on receptionist screen. Call connected.
Automated Phone Connection
Automated Video Connection
Shows temperature on receptionist screen
Custom Branding
Voice Command
Video Screen Connection
Online software and interface upgrades for compliance with latest rules and regulations
2020 YES YES
Digital Signage features + CMS for keeping up to date notifications and messaging

Common Questions

Is the software preloaded on the tablet?

Can I supply my own hardware?

How do I get the software if I purchase my own tablet and sensor?
Remote download (Please contact 22MILES for certified hardware list, or if you are tablet/sensor manufacture)

Can I place the tablet and sensor on a wall instead of a kiosk?

Can the person stand closer or further than 4 feet if I have a tight space?
The sensor can be set to 3/3.3/4 feet through settings.

Can I place the sensor in one place and the tablet in another? For example, place the sensor outside the door and the tablet at the receptionist’s desk?
No, you would need to purchase the TempDefend™ Receptionist solution.

Can we use an ID Badge System?
Yes, and an email can be alerted to HR for any employee with elevated temperature.

How long will it take to get my system?
On Average +/- 4 weeks from the time 22MILES receives your purchase order and payment. We are working on shorten it to 2-3 weeks. 

More Advanced FAQ can be downloaded here

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