The Real Cost of Lost Patients: Whitepaper

The implications of lost patients, visitors, and even staff can be costly for healthcare facilities in more ways than one. While each interaction with patients and visitors is an opportunity to enhance the experience, it can strain your staff’s valuable time. Seamlessly guiding people through your facility is a critical aspect of a positive experience.

How visitors perceive navigating your healthcare facility is just as important as patients. Both of their perspectives need to have high marks across the board. Reviews candidly written by lost visitors or patients are easy to find via internet searches and social media and can have a lasting impact on your facility’s reputation.

The best thing to do is start the patient journey off right, wherever they begin. This whitepaper discusses ways you can impact patient experiences with digital signage technology. It shows how your wayfinding communications can meet them at their home, seamlessly guide them to the correct parking lot, through the right door, and directly to their appointment. Learn how you can help lost patients at any place in their journey in our The Real Cost of Lost Patients whitepaper.

This whitepaper report explores the landscape of healthcare facility wayfinding in the following categories:

  1. Anxiety Creates Confusion
  2. Lost Patients Ask Staff for Directions
  3. Staff Members Get Lost Too
  4. Lost Patients Can Affect Surveys
  5. Appointment Schedules and Wait Times
  6. Large Medical Campus Wayfinding
  7. Getting Around is Important

To continue reading, download The Real Cost of Lost Patients whitepaper below.