Digital Signage for Government Agencies

Government environments today continually evolve with the ever-changing world of modernization, innovation, and the need for effective employee communications. Within municipal, state and federal branches, a multimedia communications platform that boosts staff and guest visibility to city and base initiatives, emergency and public safety notifications, and community information is vital. Digital media engagements, allow for real-time message updates, live data integrations, and an interactive wayfinding capability to kiosks and mobile. Today, a big push is for the “SMART CITY” and 22MILES is in the front lines of natively supporting those innovative initiatives.

Government environments’ Digital Signage can benefit with:


  • Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, guests and employees throughout any Government facility or municipal.
  • Add 3rd party integration to automatically communicate precise and up to date destinations, real time booked/vacant rooms, or staff locations with the only 3D virtual wayfinding editing innovative, interactive solution in the world.
  • Embedded with QR codes, or customer URL, or native iOS/Android; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, Beacon/Wifi and popular locations to any users’ mobile device.


VIP/ Wheelchair

Preferred, or
One-way Routes

Employee, and
Private Wayfinding

Building Directory

  • Update and change staff or department names, update room locations, show newly constructed offices and even include move-in specials.
  • Self-service kiosk prompting an alternative solution to the paper and pen sign-ins of any scheduled appointment. Have it all accessed through one simple to use interactive Login-panel application.
  • Highlight event, building, and other forms of data listings through an intuitive communication corporate digital display. Add

Internal or Emergency Alerts

  • Save crucial time and ensure important bulletins and facility news are seen in a digitally dynamic format.
  • Display HR operational information: new staffs welcome message, recognizing teamwork, new services or product information, and new organization regulations and processes.
  • With a 22 Miles emergency software features immediately display emergency notifications, from building closures to evacuation routes. Incorporate 3rd party fire & Safety systems for instantaneous overwrite capabilities to all building displays.

Surveys, FAQs, Metrics

  • Use the 22MILES powerful built-in widgets to easily automate the data collection process of any municipal, city, or federal metric systems.
  • Surveys are essential to solicit feedback from your customers, visitors or staff. Include an onscreen keyboard so users can easily type their answers and submit.
  • Increase your display’s functional usage while minimizing unnecessary repetitions from internal inquiries with an administrative, FAQ interactive input, solution.

HR and Employee Recognition Displays

  • Provide bios, years of service, employee of the month, Veterans appreciation and other recognition applications into your digital solution.
  • Integrate back-end data sources to automate birthdays, anniversaries and other employee accomplishments.
  • Visually create a happy work environment that promotes further organizational success.