22MILES Partner Program


What our partners are saying:

“Our Healthcare clients are blown away by the software’s attractiveness and usability. I love the flexibility the Designer/CMS gives to build unique systems for each client’s needs.” – Dave Stewart, Digital Wayfinding Consultant, Cooper Signage and Graphics

“Thank you so much to you, Theresa and the rest of the gang in stepping in here and make things happen. Again my thanks, and I am proud to work with a team like yours.” – Giannis Nicolaidis, Digital Communications Engineer, sensorytechnologies

22MILES adheres to the core belief that digital communications software should enable novices and pros alike to successfully deploy and manage their own digital signage networks, and to look like heroes doing it. Through years of continuous development, we have built a totally customizable and adaptable software platform with this belief in mind. The 22MILES solution is truly client-editable, and that is a great selling point for some end-users. But where our software system really shines is in the hands of our content partners. Our easy-to-use and budget-friendly software solution and accompanying partnership program allows you to:

  • Leverage a widget based drag-and-drop software platform with all the latest features and functionalities built-in – a growing library of ready-to-go widgets, true editable wayfinding and native data integration for common data types.
  • Never break the project budget with software or services – Our “module-based” Player software enables you to quote only for what will be used, our Publisher tool is offered at a one-time cost with unlimited seats, and content setup and management services require zero programming or customization within our “do-it-all” system so you can cut out the development hours.
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to create your system and meet more client requirements – we’re hardware agnostic and cross-platform on a variety of our product lines for Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Be a 22MILES Software Pro – a 22MILES Specialist will work with you and your team in multiple private training sessions, will supply you with step-by-step user guides and tutorial videos, and will make our partner support a priority.

22MILES is eager to start new partner relationships with qualified integrators and technology companies. For more information please fill in the form below.

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