3D Wayfinding

22Miles 3D Wayfinding platform not only provides wayfinding for customer venues but also
information and concierge as a total solution.

A map designer built to accomplish your unique requirements





Map Designer & Editor Tool

22Miles’ Map module is used to simplify your mapping projects to build, import 3D models, edit rooms and nodes and manage routes. Manage and edit your custom maps built by the 22Miles team or drag and drop your PNG and SVG floor plans. Property settings and pick-and-click controls provide a powerful Map Design tool with ease of use with 3D layers and editable floor plans. Built-in catalog that is easily editable and allows for import/export listings. Leverage the same map content and publish to mobile apps with one click.

3D Furniture and Fixture

Supported in kiosks, native iOS/Android apps, and SDK plug-in, 3D objects such as desks, chairs, stairs, and other assets can be leveraged for a more immersive wayfinding experience. The solution can create a wow-factor in a virtual environment that replicates the physical space for better orientation and association.

Augmented Reality and Beacons

Users can detect indoor location in real-time using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, geomagnetic positioning, or our proprietary AR image recognition technology. Our SDK gathers proximity insights and dwell time data so you can best guide your visitors’ mobile experience. Provide a real-world guide to unfamiliar environments with augmented reality. Display routing, distance and time estimates, promotional content, and more as a camera view overlay.

22Miles Map Foundation


22Miles’ mobile web app, open API, and iOS/Android SDKs have been built to enable all wayfinding
experiences as native to plug-in enabled options. Regardless of the solutions or vertical market, our player
structure comprises a wide variety of components and features required to integrate mapping into a website,
mobile application, kiosk, or directory. Used to create our own pre-built applications, we have the
documentation and support to allow you to DIY your own experience or plug it into an existing application.
Augmented Reality SDK Plug-in and AR image recognition have also been developed for ease of use to drive
an innovative experience to any environment.

3D Wayfinding Feature
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