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22Miles provides comprehensive technology solutions for digital connectivity, visual communications, media management, and adaptive multi-point interactive experiences. Powered by an immersive, easy-to-use content management software, the process of creating, managing, and enhancing a facility's designed content has never been as simple. 22Miles creates a unique experience for agile environments, interactive applications, streamlining events, and visually impactful informational content for venues, mix-use, corporate centers, or large campuses. It is customizable from experiential digital signage, interactive 3D wayfinding, safe contact-less interaction technology, large array video walls, room booking capabilities, and native or HTML mobile apps, allowing creators to build for any organizational storyboard and journey.

Our Mission

22MILES is committed to total customer satisfaction. We deliver best- of-breed technology solutions designed to assist our clients/partners in building, expanding, and optimizing their communication and user-engaging channels. Our goal is to provide these solutions in the most cost-effective manner possible, while providing the highest quality products in the industry.

22MILES Introduction

22Miles' team takes ideas and turns them into a well-designed, feature-rich, all-in-one digital signage solution. This belief in innovation and constant improvement drives 22 Miles to be a forward-thinking digital leader in the industry. This level of Silicon Valley cultural approach will allow any client to benefit from next-level native features. This all spans from our founder's beliefs, who is also the lead architect and head engineer of the 22 Miles CMS Platform, Publisher Pro.AIOT. 26+ in-house developers support our focus, so technological innovations are in our DNA.

22 Miles has a relatively large array of customers with a high level of success ranging from Westfield, Stanford Children’s, Okada Casino, Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, OCCC, Nashville Music City Center, Etech Shows (ITEXPO Gartner and AWS), Colgate University, USC, GA Tech, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Four Seasons Resort Worldwide, to Hilton Worldwide, IHG, Toyota HQ, and Department of Commerce DC, and many more.

Forbes describes IoT and AI as two independent technologies that have a significant impact on multiple industry verticals. While IoT is the digital nervous system, AI becomes the brain that makes decisions that control the overall system. The lethal combination of AI and IoT brings us AIoT – Artificial Intelligence of Things – that delivers intelligent and connected systems that are capable of self-correcting and self-healing themselves.

22Miles Visual Communications solutions with PublisherPro.AIoT supports the AIoT architecture, on one hand in facilitating ingestion of data at the edge, like our sensor readings in our temperature sensing TempDefend, or proof of play in our content publishing to displays, on the other hand, processing it through AI, like our facial/image recognition, reformatting it into visual components, that are then scheduled and displayed in a dynamic fashion that fits the relevant application and market.

With full management control and enterprise governance, all ingested data feeds the analytics engine that translates it into actionable and real-time insights that can transform operations and experiences.

22 Miles' team take ideas and turns them into well designed, feature rich, all-in-one digital signage solutions. This belief in innovation and constant improvement is what drives 22 Miles to be a forward-thinking digital leader in the industry. This level of Silicon Valley cultural approach will allow any client to benefit from next-level native features. This all spans from the beliefs of our founder who is also the lead architect and head engineers of the 22 Miles CMS Platform. They are supported by 26+ inhouse developers, so technological innovations are in our DNA.


Client deployments

14 years of constant innovation with over 600 version releases

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Moynihan Train Hall 22Miles

The new Moynihan Train Hall ushers in the future of New York’s legendary Penn Station with 22Miles modernizing technology…

Washington D.C Government Agency Upgrades to New Free Standing Digital Signage System to Advance Facility Wayfinding

Westfield Deploys Touch Screen Wayfinding Directory Kiosks at John F. Kennedy Airport Powered by 22Miles Digital Signage to Enhance the Way Travelers Find Destinations

Austria’s Largest Mall Shopping City Uses 22Miles Digital Signage to Improve Facility Wayfinding for Their 14 Floor, 900,000+ Square Foot Mall

Gold Coast University Hospital in Queensland, Australia Uses 22Miles to Dramatically Improve Patient Experiences Using Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Uses 22Miles as Part of Their T3 & T4 Award Winning 2017 Airport Renovation Project