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Space utilization helps manage your organization’s budget and resource allocations while providing enhanced safety to occupants. With the in-depth data insights our software provides on occupancy rates, peak usage times, density, and more, facility managers have a clear path to maximize resources throughout your campus.

Interactive 3d wayfinding is the next evolutionary step in directional assistance. It promotes connectivity via all digital devices within your facility’s ecosystem to instantly orient facility visitors with immersive 3d maps. 22Miles wayfinding helps users navigate facilities and encourages them to explore interactive information about the environment.

Unify campus experiences with enriching engagement solutions. Keep students, faculty, and visitors informed and safe, help them navigate campus or celebrate their school’s story. With our CMS, campus digital signage can broadcast events, communicate policies, and highlight achievements via screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile devices through a unified solution that’s simple to control and maintain.

Communication is vital to operations at medical facilities, which is a perfect place for the efficiencies created with a digital signage ecosystem. Increase patient satisfaction, reduce perceived wait times, advance communications with staff, eliminate the need to print and post new signage, and strategically reach your patients, staff, doctors, and visitors with concise content and perfect timing.

Convention center digital signage improves event operations and guest experiences. It provides visitors access to view conference notifications, event times, and schedules, decreasing the demand for your staff’s time while creating new facility-wide efficiencies.

Modernize your office with employee desk and room booking systems. Whether using assigned or unassigned seating arrangements, streamlining the process of making reservations with automation adds a new level of efficiency. Our CMS system integrates with your existing tools to deliver your teams a seamless experience with O365, Teams, Zoom, or Webex to create new efficiencies in any office environment.

Touchscreens enable users to interact with display screens by touching them, but handling public displays doesn’t protect users from encountering pathogens. Address health safety concerns head-on with sophisticated touchless signage interactions using Secure Mobile Control.

Digital directories help visitors navigate massive or confusing floor plans in offices, amusement parks, convention centers, hotels, or medical facilities. They display building layouts, staff offices, and meeting room locations, so visitors always know their destination at a glance without any stress.

Captivate viewers with displays of astounding sizes. When making a splash, consider the value of your critical first impression. Video walls are a great way to convey visual information with exceptionally high impact. Use them to share information in various environments, such as corporate workspaces, facility lobbies, public spaces, classrooms, auditoriums, and mission-critical control rooms.

Get more out of your content with a 22Miles mobile app. Deliver content on any mobile platform with a browser-based experience, native app, or integration into an existing app using our SDK. Unify your content workflows using the same easy-to-use content management system that powers your kiosks, digital signs, and video walls.