As a leading technology company with more than a decade of experience in data visualization and the delivery of critical data, 22Miles is helping to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering technology resources and help. The company’s executive leadership issued a press release announcing a multi-tiered plan aimed at ensuring customers receive whatever help and advocacy they need, paired with outreach to vital industries that could benefit from the technology 22Miles offers during this critical time.

“This is a very challenging time with this unsettling pandemic that is stressing nearly every area of our personal and professional lives,” commented 22Miles EVP Tomer Mann. “With a challenge though, comes an opportunity for technology companies such as ours to pivot and find ways to lend a helping hand. Industries we serve, like healthcare facilities and hospitals, are right at the front line of this epidemic, while others in education and hospitality have been severely affected as well. We are doing everything we can to support not only our customers and industry partners, but any organizations that we can help serve as a resource for critical information and leadership,” he added.

22Miles COVID-19 Initiatives

Free Mobile Wayfinding App – For organizations in the Healthcare and Hospitals industry, 22Miles is offering at no cost, an Interactive Wayfinding Map. The map for their facility to support their COVID-19 emergency plans. This map was designed to assist patients and personnel navigate to their intended destinations while keeping them away from secured or off-limits areas. The app requires no download and is free, with all setup executed by 22Miles.

Free Digital Notifications Suite – 22Miles empowers organizations with DNS, a FREE desktop and web URL solution that can keep Shelter-in-Place employees aware of all company announcements, news, and other live information in real-time. As a part of our COVID-19 customer commitment, 22Miles is offering this solution FREE THROUGH JULY to any industry organization that has 100 or more employees working from home.

Voice Activation Control – 22Miles introduces “Touchless touch” for kiosks and traditional touchscreens. The Voice Activation Control solution is unique in that it features integration with Intel’s RealSense technology, which allows a user to stand in front of a kiosk and speak commands instead of touching the screen. This ensures a more hygienic and safe interaction experience that will aid in flattening the Coronavirus curve by reducing the spread of germs. The feature can be acquired with new screen installations, or even integrated into older existing ones.

Waiver & Financial Assistance Program – To provide relief to customers, 22Miles is offering all of the company’s existing clients in the Healthcare, Education and Hospitality sectors, automatic enrollment in their 3+3+3 Fee Waiver & Assistance program.

22Miles has published links to all of this information on their COVID-19 Initiatives webpage, which lists detailed information on all of the discounted features and bundle packages specifically aimed at reducing the negative impact of COVID-19. The company will use its social media and other communications platforms to announce the COVID-19 initiatives information, while also providing quick links to government and CDC resources as the pandemic continues.

“The 22Miles Digital Signage System has come in very handy during the COVID-19 pandemic.Our campus is very large, and we have over 325 screens.This system is able to push out frequently changing Corona virus updates to every screen, which is critical.” – Georgia University Digital Signage Dept. Director

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