22Miles October Media Coverage

November 9, 2023

22Miles is gaining significant attention in the media, and we’ve carefully selected the most notable mentions from the past month. Dive into these articles to discover new viewpoints and valuable insights into our award-winning CMS!

Tomer Mann, Chief Revenue Officer at 22Miles, discusses display tech trends and applications over on AVNetwork. He emphasizes unification, compatibility, and a strong foundation for digital signage networks. The article covers API integrations, customization, and future-proofing. Read more about it for additional insights.

Experience centers are a valuable tool for companies in the AV industry, as they help build customer trust and offer immersive, hands-on experiences. They go beyond traditional showrooms, allowing customers to engage with products in real-life scenarios. Tomer Mann mentions a few ways these centers help customers define their personalized needs when conceptualizing a project. Check out page 12 of AV Magazine for the rest of the scoop.

Our CRO, Tomer Mann, highlighted the growing need for upgraded visual communication and collaboration platforms in the context of hybrid work in AVTechnology magazine last month. He mentions how an effective Content Management System (CMS) addresses communication challenges, fosters consistent branding, and supports collaboration by integrating with various systems like Google Workspace, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. He also mentions how advanced CMS platforms offer additional features such as on-demand help resources and troubleshooting capabilities. Learn more in the article.

Highlighted in AVTechnology magazine’s “Products That Matter” article is 22Miles’ Content Manager. With its user-friendly design, intuitive controls, and seamless deployment for diverse visual communication ecosystems, Content Manager simplifies the creation of personalized and interactive experiences for every user, without the need of technical training or coding experience. Explore more details in the article.

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