22Miles Unveils AI Innovations to Transform Retail Customer Experiences

November 17, 2023

Supercharge the customer journey with secure, turnkey AI chat.

Peachtree Corners, GA – November 16, 2023 – 22Miles, a pioneer in interactive digital solutions, today launches its latest innovation: custom AI services designed to revolutionize customer engagement.

AI is transforming the way we search for information. The new tools, which are part of the latest update to the 22Miles Content Manager, will enable retailers to easily deploy AI for in-store experiences, product search, customer and technical support, and more. These solutions replace searching and scrolling with a custom-trained, secure digital assistant you can talk to like a person.

Enhancing Customer Engagement with AI

2Miles Content Manager Version 7.5 introduces three AI tools that elevate customer experiences by streamlining customer support, reducing response times, improving accuracy and personalizing customer journeys.

• AI Assistant: A dynamic, interactive consumer chat interface, perfect for guiding customers in large retail spaces, providing product information and personalizing shopping experiences.

• AI Backoffice: An internal AI tailored to empower staff with quick access to customer preferences, inventory details and personalized insights, all based on user roles and permissions.

• AI Command: A streamlined CMS back-end tool that simplifies content updates and digital signage commands, ensuring that marketing messages remain fresh and relevant.

Joey Zhao, CEO and Co-Founder of 22Miles, shared the vision: “In today’s retail world, personalization and real-time engagement are key. Our AI solutions are like adding a digital team of experts to your staff, available 24/7 to enhance customer interactions and provide valuable insights.”

These AI experiences can be rapidly added to in-store digital signage, mobile apps, websites, and more. 22Miles can add AI Assistant and AI Backoffice to any existing digital experience, including third-party digital signage, allowing brands to roll out interactive AI experiences to hundreds or thousands of locations with very little lead time. 22Miles performs all required setup, training, testing and post-deployment monitoring and adjustment.

Revolutionizing Retail Digital Interactions with AI

AI chat allows customers to interact with retail digital platforms using voice or text in any language. This feature is a game-changer for international shoppers, providing instant assistance and personalized recommendations.

AI responses are also more precise and relevant than traditional search results. AI Assistant and AI Backoffice enable natural, conversational interactions that draw on multiple systems and sources to produce precise, helpful answers.

“Imagine you’re looking for new headphones,” said Zhao. “AI Assistant can give you so much more than a list of products. It can ask follow-up questions to help narrow your choice, make personalized recommendations, and show you exactly where to find what you want in-store.”

Customized AI for Enhanced Retail Security

When dealing with internal data and customer records, security is paramount. 22Miles offers flexible deployment options, from shared and proprietary cloud solutions to on-premises installations.

A proprietary 22Miles AI model powers on-premises solutions, while the OpenAI GPT model powers cloud-based solutions. The on-premises approach ensures that no data leaves the local area network, which is especially critical for environments with highly secure data.

Discover the Future of Retail Customer Engagement with 22Miles

AI Command is included with Content Manager V7.5 from 22Miles. AI Backoffice and AI Assistant are available as customized add-ons for Content Manager V7.5 or as custom modules for existing digital signage applications, mobile apps, and websites. Visit 22miles.com/AI to learn more and schedule a demo.

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