22Miles November Media Mentions

December 12, 2023

22Miles has been attracting considerable media attention, and we’ve curated the most noteworthy mentions from November. With the release of CMS v7.5, new capabilities include:

• New mobile wayfinding templates.

• An Outlook plug-in for integrated room booking and meeting scheduling.

• Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) device screensaver capabilities.

• Teams video call capabilities for concierge kiosks.

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Our Content Manager version 7.5 is a huge update that integrates AI into communication applications. It offers three powerful new tools—AI Assistant, AI Backoffice, and AI Command—that enhance customer experiences, business intelligence, and productivity. It creates human-like communication potential using AI tools that are applicable across sectors. Alongside AI capabilities, Content Manager 7.5 introduces new features like mobile wayfinding templates and Outlook plug-ins, enriching its comprehensive platform for digital signage and wayfinding technology across industries. The news can be seen on the following websites.

Among Blogorama’s top 10 best integrations for Webex is 22Miles. Our robust CMS enables businesses to streamline how their team communicates, shares information, and uses resources to create a more productive workplace.

In an exclusive interview with Commercial Integrator, Tomer Mann, CRO of 22Miles, sheds light on the crucial elements of successful enterprise digital signage in the age of automation and AI. He stresses the pivotal role of content and API integration, emphasizing their capacity for minimal maintenance and significant value delivery. He highlights the importance of an intuitive CMS with diverse templates and widgets for dynamic client experiences.

This article on Commercial Integrator explores the pivotal choice companies face regarding AI integration in data analysis. It highlights AI’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, scalability, precision, and innovation potential, particularly when trained with industry-specific data. Concerns about data security and accuracy urge users to take a cautious approach. While AI can significantly benefit businesses, careful consideration of data security and accuracy is imperative for successful integration.

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