Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse soars to new heights with more technology and more excitement for a city and a fan base that is always ready for more.

In 2019, Cleveland’s home for sports and entertainment didn’t just undergo routine renovations, but an entire resurrection.

While changing names from the Quicken Loan Arena or “The Q” to the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the transformation added more space, more amenities, more technology, more energy and more excitement for a city and a fan base that is always ready for more.
An eight-story-high glass atrium welcomes fans. Neighborhoods and fan destinations have been added. Public space has been expanded. Technology has been infused, highlighted by a one-of-a-kind, fully-immersive LED tunnel called the Power Portal.

Part of that technology infusion was 22Miles Inc’s experiential addition of a double-sided kiosk, providing wayfinding for accessibility seating, concessions, clubs and merchandise locations.

Throughout the renovations, seats, and sections were changed with over 200 wheelchair accessible locations that include companion seats, and with 22Miles award-winning wayfinding solution, these locations can now be highlighted, displaying the new seating locations, new suites, and new sections now called Portals, with step-by-step directions sent via text message to the user’s mobile.

In addition to wayfinding, a custom selfie feature was added, where fans can have their selfies taken with Cleveland teams’ logos and Cleveland backdrop options.

The kiosk included two 75” LG 4K touchscreens displays (Model 75TC3D) and two intel i7 (Model NUC9i7BEHGA) players with a custom enclosure by BESCO.

rocket mortgage, kiosk, cleveland, ohioFigure 1. The kiosk displaying the 50th CAVs season’s anniversary – Patrons using the wayfinding feature – The main menu displaying the various services offered.
selfie, cleveland, cavaliers, cleveland cavaliersFigure 2. A kiosk selfie with the CAVs logo.

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