22Miles May PR Encounters

22Miles’ system and team made several appearances in the media spotlight in May. Some of our favorite pieces are included in this article. Peruse the stories below to learn more about our award-winning platform.

Yahoo caught wind of the story on The Tampa International Airport. The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority’s new SkyCenter One office building is proudly one of our projects, and it’s the new operational headquarters for the airport. After an infusion of workplace tech driven by a custom app we designed, Sky Reserve, employees and visitors have all the resources they need at their fingertips. Read more about the app over on Yahoo Life.

Our new informative whitepaper report, “Maximizing Profits in Digital Signage Projects: The Integrators’ Guide to Success,” leverages insights from experts on our team and other key partners to discuss integrator strategies that help maximize profits and provide client satisfaction of digital signage projects. Download a copy over on Commercial Integrator to learn more about topics like:

        • Challenges in Maximizing Profit on Digital Signage Projects
        • The Rewards of Success in the Digital Signage Market
        • Redefining Success: Return on Objective, Not Investment
        • Project Budgeting: Setting Expectations and Offering Flexibility
        • And more…

Tomer Mann, our CRO, was asked to share insight and best practices for designing the higher ed classroom for today and the future. Among the tasty informational nuggets, he shares that a comprehensive space management strategy lets you maximize the campus you have now as well as plan for the campus you need next. This includes digital signage displays, kiosks, or web- or app-based room booking systems—paired with wayfinding and room signage or sensors for check-in—which allow schools to automate space reservations across campus. Read more over on Yahoo Life.

Our team is kicking off InfoComm 2023 with two separate conference sessions on Tuesday, June 13th, in room W312. Our Director or Product Marketing Thuy Ledinh, and our CRO Tomer Mann will join in panel discussions on digital signage technologies. At 11 AM, LeDinh will speak on Top of Class: Digital Signage Best Practices for Higher Education. And later, at 4 PM, Mann will speak on Maximizing Mobile in the Digital Signage Ecosystem. Both parties will be available at Booth #809 in the Trailblazer Zone. Read more about it in the InfoComm 2021 VIP Edition, page 50.

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