The Digital Screen Media Association recognized one of 22MILES’ interesting solutions in the form of a 2014 Excellence Award for ‘Best Healthcare Self-Service Interactive Kiosk’.

Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) is the 3rd largest hospital in Queensland, Australia.

GCUH has 8 main buildings and a total of 59 floors with 1.83 Million sq ft floor space. The wayfinding kiosks help heavy traffic navigate among over 8,000 rooms and 250 departments on campus. It is extremely hard for the average digital signage solution vendor to manage such a large-scale campus. The solution needs to dynamically manage buildings, floors, departments and rooms in both directory and maps. On top of that, the map system has to guide the public to various facilities and amenities, nearby transportations, POIs in the community, etc.

Judges Comments

  • Love the mobile integration.
  • Overall, great job!
  • Being directionally challenged myself I can really understand the benefit of a deployment of this nature.  I like the diversity of the application and the fact that it can support a visitor as well as an employee with the needed information.
  • Good building schematics and maps.
  • Mobile integration was done well.
  • This may be the best wayfinding kiosk implementation I have seen. Your smooth user interface that combines touch and multitouch zoom is great. I like the QR code scan to load the info onto your own mobile smartphone.
  • difficult to tell, by watching the video, whether the system was too complex or had just the right degree of complexity.  There is definitely a lot going on with this system
  • This looks like a powerful way-finding system. The QR codes for transferring to mobile were essential for an application this complex, so that was a very good design element.
  • The multi-tiered usability and multi-device compatibility appear to provide users of all abilities and tech skills with a way to find their destination.
  • Congrats on this very interesting implementation as well as being able to add the mobile component.
  • A beautiful execution.. Well done.

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