18 touchscreen wayfinding kiosk units of 70″ – 80″ were installed into Shopping City Seiersberg to guide 35,000+ daily visitors with orientation, shopping information, promotions/ advertisements. Client requested dynamic in-house update capabilities for all content in both English and German. Deployed successfully within 2-months, with interface experience improved over time.

Shopping City is one of the largest shopping centers in Austria with more than 200 shops, covering more than 85,000m2 (915,000sqft) and serving 35000+ visitors. The management team wanted a modern, state-of-the-art and effective solution around the whole shopping center area to replace their expensive-to-maintain and almost useless analog signage system. Solution required to have a centralized content management system and an ADs platform generating ROI from external advertising agencies.

The shopping center has 4 connected building wings with a total of 14 floors. Providing the simplest directions for every visitor is not an easy task.
– All routes/directions have to be simplified for user to quickly grasp
– Handicap preferred routes throughout the center requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.
– Multi-lingual support needed in every aspect: floor maps, store information, facilities and all interfaces
– Shopping center has to be able to efficiently manage all information in-house without going to system provider
– Management team specified schedules to be dynamically distributed with ads, promotions, and other real-time messages;
– Custom NFC integration and security enhancements;
– Integration with facility management system, and customer relations system.
– Client is able to edit floor maps for future structure modifications;
– Installation and enclosure design for 70″/80″ multi-touch-displays;

Working with the 22 Miles platform, our partner, MMSolutions, quickly made a prototype during their demo and immediately won the project from the competition. With not only full in-house editing and advanced scheduling capabilities, the 22MILES digital wayfinding has its own AI to automatically recalculate the route after each store update at the back end. Meanwhile, it was easy and efficient to scale the deployment from pilot kiosks to 18 final kiosks in the project. The 22 Miles Platform also comes with free monitoring and screen protection components, which saves a lot energy during final deployment. This off-shelf product saves partner significant time to improve user experience.

With the statistics module of the system, client can prove and highlight their kiosk usage to agencies. And the advanced AD scheduling allows them to handle all kinds of promo opportunities. AD agencies found benefit with the touch screens’ interface, which gained high focus while navigating the guests standing in front. According to partner’s estimates, the ADs have been increasing by about 30% just within initial 2 months of installation. The advanced scheduling greatly expands the AD space for each kiosk, comparing to the previous analog system. Guests also have a simple way to search and locate each store or facility in the center, and the management team was happy to see less support inquires to the information desk. The shoppers love to swipe NFC tags more often through the kiosks, so they can immediately and visually learn how to redeem their points for the next purchase.

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