Every Healthcare facility has to deal with the stresses of their patients, family members, and even staff on a daily basis. There needs to be a visually stimulating and informative solution to reduce the overwhelming stress of a hospital or health environment. Provide interactive wayfinding, waiting room infotainment displays with HD graphics, and even call to service tablet applications.

22 Miles’ multimedia communications’ solution plays a vital role in keeping patients, visitors and staff well-informed with up to date information and notifications. Patients in waiting rooms, visitors entering the lobby, hospital staff at their stations and employees chatting in the break room are all points of engagement where digital signage can be used. 22 Miles’ global leading visual communication solutions come with a variety of enhancing features for anyone to select from to create a system that fits the unique needs of the facility and patients.

Healthcare environments’ Digital Signage can benefit with:

Lobby/Entrance boards/ Video walls

  • Convey the messages that matter most right from the start, right as your guest, visitor, or patient enters the building. Save crucial time and ensure important bulletins and facility news are seen in a digitally dynamic format.
  • Highlight event, building, and other forms of data listings through an intuitive communication digital display.
  • Quickly customize news headlines, weather reports, emergency alerts, and promotions through a simple to use application. Utilize the same drag and drop capabilities for any large orientation and flex high definition video wall.

Waiting room boards

  • Patients and visitors don’t always have the fortitude to sit around a waiting room. Facilitate an efficient digital communication application to make their wait more time-flowing and most importantly- informative.
  • Increase patient, guest, and visitor satisfaction while creating a concise and visually entertaining delivery of your desired message.
  • Easily relieve the stress associated with waiting around wondering what is going on by adding, drag and drop entertaining games, trivia, videos, news, weather and other widgets.


  • Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for customers to quickly grasp. Able to edit floor maps for future structure modifications.
  • Create handicap/ADA compliant routes throughout any facility requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.
  • Built-in Google Translate, and data integration for multi-lingual in every aspect: floor maps, departments, health information, facilities and all interfaces.
Routes Scheduling


VIP/ Wheelchair Routes

VIP/ Wheelchair

Preferred, or One-way Routes

Preferred, or
One-way Routes

Employee,and Private Wayfinding

Employee, and
Private Wayfinding

Mobile Wayfinder – HTML or IOS/Android App based

  • Embedded with Text, QR codes, or customer URL; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device.
  • Leverages same data created/managed for the wayfinding displays and kiosks with 1-click to publish from 22MILES’ CMS – Publisher Pro
  • Natively integrates with Google Map for home-to-appointment wayfinding
  • Helps users find the closest parking lot
  • Choose transportation: driving, drop-off, public transportation, walk
  • Natively supports Cisco MSE for indoor positioning
  • Support for iBeacon in iOS and Android for indoor positioning
Mobile Wayfinder – HTML or IOS/Android App based

“Did you know that ‘30% of first time visitors reported confusion’ and that ‘25% of staff members cannot find some destinations’ within their campus.”

- Mark VanderKlipp “Sign of the Times” Medical Construction and Design.

Foundation Digital donor and Video walls

  • Attract your current or future donors with a visually appealing donor & recognition digital display. Increase the support and campaign contributions with bios, videos, and messages. Incorporate Raisers Edge or other management software for Autosync-directory capabilities.
  • Upgrade to an interactive solution and include a digital thank you note station, or donor contribution/payment system.
  • Showcase beautiful videos, imagery, pop flow or cover flow formatted bios, and other widgets with any size video wall or multi-touch wall orientation.

Tablet Room Boards

  • Create a new live service to call application outside each of the patient rooms, with nurse calls, emergency calls, or patient stats.
  • Built-in support to Microsoft Lync, Vidyo, Cisco Jabber, VoIP, Office 365, Google Drive, Exchange and any type of additional 3rd-party data sources.
  • Provide tablets at waiting rooms, inside patient rooms for further infotainment, health facility announcements, or call button options and increase the involvement and satisfaction.
Tablet Room Boards