Improve the Employee Experience with Unified Workplace Communications

Enhance employee engagement and productivity with digital signage, room booking, and wayfinding solutions.

22Miles solutions facilitate seamless communication and collaboration for both in-office and remote employees, ensuring productivity and connectivity regardless of location.

By integrating various communication channels and tools into a single CMS platform, we empower organizations to boost productivity, engagement, and overall employee satisfaction.


Create a more Connected Employee Experience

Unify your workforce communication under one, easy-to-use content management system.

  • Ensure consistent communication with frontline and office workers across multiple sites.
  • Same CMS to enable space and room booking for a unified experience
  • Scale and grow your communications seamlessly.
  • Eliminate content silos to foster a cohesive employee experience.
  • Recognize employee milestones to increase morale and reduce turnover.

Digital Signage in Any Room, Including Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)

From lobbies to breakrooms to conference room screens, show relevant and timely information to employees with digital signage.

  • Turn any conference room screen into a room warmer when not in use with MTR takeover by 22Miles CMS.
  • Fully integrated with all Windows-based systems, such as Lenevo, Yealink, HP, Dell, and others.
  • Show quick start guides on screens before meetings.
  • Show relevant company information to employees for specific conference rooms.

Integrate Data and Apps for Automated Content

Streamline content creation and delivery with engaging and automated digital signage content.

  • Seamlessly integrate third-party data and app sources for automated content delivery.
  • Utilize existing hardware infrastructure for cost-effective implementation.
  • Ensure compatibility with commonly used applications like Microsoft, Zoom, and WebEx for enhanced flexibility and convenience.
  • Improve data visibility for all employees, regardless of their working location.

Multiple Locations, One Comprehensive Solution

Optimize for hybrid work models with our one comprehensive content management system.

  • Consistent messaging across locations, facilities and for all shifts.
  • Create tailored messaging directed to multiple audiences.
  • Utilize template-driven content to ensure brand consistency and enhance ease of use.
  • Reserve rooms and workspaces easily with the Office App.
  • Wayfinding for every location under one CMS.

Experience The 22Miles Employee Office Suite

Enhance your Microsoft Office experience with the 22Miles Employee Office Suite, featuring space/ room booking and a built-in 3D wayfinding feature. Seamlessly integrate with popular office productivity apps for a fully connected employee journey.

  • MS Teams Desktop app includes screen takeover, space reservations, alert notifications, KPI dashboards, and more.
  • Outlook plug-in provides 3D wayfinding to locate and book meeting rooms.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via Active Directory to streamline access for all employees.
  • Additional integration with 3rd party tech stack available.

Scalable Workplace Solutions

SkyCenter One Optimized for Hybrid Work with 22Miles’ Enterprise Mobile App

SkyCenter One’s custom enterprise mobile app provides a modern approach to workspace management and room booking. Seamlessly integrating advanced technology, the app empowered staff with unprecedented flexibility, whether working in-person or remotely.

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