Modernizing Digital Signage and Wayfinding Securely

When it comes to the secure deployment of digital signage and wayfinding applications, there's no better choice than 22Miles to equip government and municipal facilities with the latest technology.

We understand the diverse needs of in-facility messaging, ranging from providing step-by-step navigation to broadcasting vital news and announcements throughout a facility. That’s why the versatility and security of our digital signage software are essential.


High Security Is Top Priority

Rest assured with strong security controls.

  •  With on-premise hosting, organizations have full control over their data.
  •  Cloud hosting options include FedRamp and GovCloud for greater protection.
  •  Fully supports IPv6 that includes IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) at the network layer.
  •  On-premise hosting allows organizations to ensure compliance with data regulations more effectively.

Your Content Strategy Made Easy

Distribute critical information effectively.
  • Maintain consistent communication in a hybrid work environment in the post-COVID era.
  • Tailor specific messages to specific audiences is crucial. 
  • Aggregate data through native integrations for better visualization of important information.
  •  Ensure timely distribution of emergency alerts through both fixed displays and mobile devices.

Wayfinding For Complex Government Facilities

Streamline wayfinding for staff and visitors.

  • Easy to update 3D map for up-to-date facilities. navigation for all facilities
  • Manage wayfinding applications using the same CMS as digital signage.
  • Navigate on the go with mobile device-enabled wayfinding for seamless navigation.
  • Trust a company that built the industry’s top wayfinding solution.

Experience The 22Miles Employee Office Suite

Enhance your Microsoft Office experience with the 22Miles Employee Office Suite, featuring room/space booking and a built-in 3D wayfinding feature. Seamlessly integrate with popular office productivity apps for a fully connected government staffer journey.

  • MS Teams Desktop app includes screen takeover, space reservations, alert notifications, KPI dashboards, and more.
  • Outlook plug-in provides 3D wayfinding to locate and book meeting rooms.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) via Active Directory to streamline access for all staffers.
  • Additional integration with 3rd party tech stack available.

Scalable Govenment Solutions

Washington D.C Government Agency Upgrades to New Free Standing Digital Signage System to Advance Facility Wayfinding

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