Build a Connected Campus with Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Boost student engagement, impress potential students, and streamline campus communication with 22Miles digital signage and wayfinding solutions.

Recognizing the sprawling and intricate nature of college campuses, 22Miles has developed a CMS designed to deeply engage both students and staff. Our solution effectively addresses the challenges inherent in navigating expansive campuses, complemented by scalable digital signage solutions tailored to each school and facility. We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of educational institutions, offering ADA-compliant signage solutions among our comprehensive offerings.


Simplify Campus Navigation with Wayfinding Solutions

Ease student and visitor navigation anxiety with campus wayfinding solutions.

  • Provide interactive maps with detailed 3D representations to help students visualize campus layouts and identify key landmarks.
  • Enable seamless navigation through mobile devices by scanning QR codes placed strategically across the campus, ensuring accessibility on the go.
  • Incorporate an AI-powered assistant for personalized navigation assistance, answering queries, and offering real-time guidance to students.
  • Ensure full compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations.

Complete Content Control for Brand Consistency

Unify your campus communications under one easy-to-use content management system.

  • Effortlessly share media with other content managers across the university.
  • Foster collaboration and consistency by enabling seamless sharing of media assets and content among different departments and teams.
  • Delegate content management responsibilities effectively with hierarchy controls and access permissions.
  • Simplify the content creation process with intuitive drag-and-drop, brand-compliant templates.
  • Enjoy flexibility and compatibility with our hardware-agnostic solution.

Keep Students Safe and Informed

Enhance campus safety and student engagement with our comprehensive digital signage solution.

  • Deliver timely and relevant notifications to students, ensuring they stay informed about safety protocols, events, and campus updates.
  • Seamlessly integrate emergency alert systems into your communication channels, providing swift and effective responses to critical situations.
  • Extend communication to students’ mobile devices with Carry2Mobile, enabling them to access digital signage content directly on their phones.
  • Utilize APIs to integrate real-time data sources such as weather forecasts, social media feeds, news updates, and event calendars.
  • Ensure that all communication channels and content are ADA compliant, catering to the needs of students with disabilities and promoting inclusivity across campus.

Recognize Donors with Stunning Video Walls

Acknowledge and honor your donors with our captivating video wall solution.

  • Showcase the generosity of donors, foundations, and faculty members with dynamic and easily updatable digital recognition walls. 
  • Deliver timely appreciation that’s both visually stunning and efficient in conveying gratitude.
  • Elevate the impact of donations by creating a visually striking and immersive experience that impresses and inspires visitors.
  • Share compelling narratives and testimonials that highlight the impact of donations.

Scalable Campus Solutions

Seamless Campus Communication at Davidson-Davie Community College

Discover how 22Miles reduced navigation time and seamlessly managed campus communications at North Carolina’s Davidson-Davie Community College with interactive wayfinding and digital signage solutions.

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