Diverse Tenants Requires A Flexible Solution

Digital Signage and Wayfinding is the cornerstone for visitor information in a mixed-use property that has both residential and commercial units.

Mixed-use properties, such as storefront buildings with apartments above and retail below, or single-family properties incorporating a doctor’s office, retail stores, office space, parking, restaurants, and coffee shops, significantly benefit from clear wayfinding navigation and digital signage.

They serve as ideal platforms for marketing, offering prime ad space to promote local businesses.


Wayfinding for Where You Work, Live, and Play

Simplify navigation for better visitor experiences.

  • Easily locate offices, shops, and restaurants with building directories.
  • Show clear directions with 3D maps and step-by-step directions.
  • Mobile Wayfinding allows for maps to be viewed on any mobile device on the go.
  • Easily update changes such as open and closing hours for offices and vendors.
  • Available AI Assistant can provide travelers natural language assistance in all major languages.
  • Incorporate ADA-compliant accessibility features, such as voice-guided navigation and audio descriptions to assist users with disabilities.

Display Local Content and Ads

Drive ROI and automate content.

  • Small businesses benefit exponentially from local marketing.
  • Local advertising is highly effective when it targets audiences in close proximity to a business’s location.
  • Highlight upcoming community events and announcements.
  • Auto-populate content such as weather, news, movie times, transit schedules, and other time-sensitive information.

A Flexible CMS Made For A Versatile Space

Optimize your content for impact.

  • Create up-to-date building directories with automated data listings.
  • Show stunning 3D map for turn-by-turn navigation for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Manage wayfinding using the same CMS as digital signage.
  • Alert visitors about safety hazards and emergencies with integrated emergency alerts.
  • Easily transfer all digital displays and maps to your mobile device for convenient access on the go.
  • Display multilingual content, ensuring clear communication for everyone.

Scalable Mixed Use Solutions

Atlanta Mixed-Use-Community Finds Its Way To The Future

The solution allows an endless array of visual communications options as Colony Square continues to grow, empowering administrators to utilize their digital signage platform to deliver news, social media, live notifications, emergency alerts, advertisements, infotainment, and any other information they choose.

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