Enhance The Traveler Experience with Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Improve transportation Digital Signage and Wayfinding to provide up-to-date travel information across airports, train stations, bus terminals and rental car locations.

Transportation digital signage guides travelers with real-time updates, displaying arrival, departure, and gate information across airports, stations, and terminals. Easily manage and update screens remotely with 22Miles CMS platform, ensuring timely communication of disruptions and wayfinding assistance. In emergencies, these displays serve as crucial safety guides.


Built for Travelers On-The-Go

Improve the traveler experience with wayfinding.

  • Show clear directions with 3D maps and step-by-step directions.
  • Mobile Wayfinding allows for maps to be viewed on any mobile device on the go.
  • Easily update changes such as open and closing hours for offices and vendors.
  • Available AI Assistant can provide travelers with natural language assistance in all major languages.
  • Incorporate accessibility features, such as voice-guided navigation and audio descriptions, to assist users with disabilities.

Real-Time Updates

Display flight, train, and bus schedules.

  • Keep commuters and travelers seamlessly informed in real-time for a hassle-free journey experience.
  • Update information on screens in seconds with any changes, delays, or disruptions.
  • Display arrival, departure, and gate information with airport digital displays.
  • Clearly show train, bus, and rental car location information.
  • Ensure compatibility with commonly used applications like Microsoft, Zoom, and WebEx for enhanced flexibility and convenience.
  • Improve data visibility for all employees, regardless of their working location.

A CMS Made For Busy Hubs

Optimize your content for a true impact on travelers.

  • Easy to update 3D map for up-to-date navigation for all facilities.
  • Manage wayfinding using the same CMS as digital signage.
  • Alert travelers about safety hazards and emergencies with integrated emergency alerts.
  • Monetize displays with ads to promote on-premise business.
  • Display multilingual content, ensuring clear communication for everyone.

Scalable Transportation Solutions

3D Wayfinding, & Multi-Language Display Technology Help Bring an Icon of New York’s Past into the Present

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