Founded in 2007

The Industry Leader in Experiential and Visualized Communications

22Miles provides comprehensive technology solutions for digital connectivity, visual communications, media management, and adaptive multi-point interactive experiences. Powered by an immersive, easy-to-use content management software, the process of creating, managing, and enhancing a facility’s designed content has never been as simple.

Our Mission
At 22Miles, our mission is to empower organizations to enhance their internal and external communications through cutting-edge digital signage, wayfinding software, and AI-powered solutions. We are dedicated to creating engaging, user-friendly, and scalable platforms that enable our clients to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern visual communication technology.
Our Team
22Miles’ team takes ideas and turns them into a well-designed, feature-rich, all-in-one digital signage solutions. This belief in innovation and constant improvement is what drives 22Miles to be a forward-thinking digital leader in the industry. This all spans from the belief of our founder and engineer lead of the 22Miles CMS Platform. That is supported by 26+ in-house developers. Technology and innovation are in our DNA.




Client Deployments


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Our Story


Founded in Silicon Valley


Grand Prize Winner - Microsoft Code 7 Contest


Introduced the World’s First 3D Wayfinding Signage at DSE International


Wins best interface award from RAVE at the 2016 ISE


AR Plug-in for Mobile Wayfinding Wins Best New Digital Signage Application.


Best Digital Signage Software & Solutions Provider - USA Tops 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers.


CIO Review - Top 10 Promising Digital Signage Solution Provider SEGD Arrow Award PaaS Suite


DIGI Award - Best Digital Signage Product: COVID-19 Solution


Developsed AI for Template Editing, Data Mapping in Version 7 Web Manager Release.


2023 Release of V7 MTR & Webex Integrations, Best of Show Award Winner, SCN Installation award winner


Release v7.5, Best of Show Award Winner, SCN Installation Award Winner, AI 3D Map Generation

Explore Our Solutions

Our wayfinding solution is dedicated to simplifying navigation in complex spaces.

Our systems are thoughtfully designed to make locations more accessible and enrich the experience of every person using them, whether they're in busy healthcare facilities, expansive educational campuses, or large corporate offices. 

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Our dynamic digital signage is a communication powerhouse, engineered to capture attention and communicate information effectively in any setting.

Easily design, create and deploy new signage using our simple drag-and-drop CMS editor, and use our robust integration network to connect your 3rd party tools, that update in real time. 

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Create truly immersive experiences with high-impact visuals and flexible configurations.

Our video walls transform your space into an engaging and interactive environment. From expansive advertising displays in retail settings to informative and eye-catching presentations in corporate settings, our video walls bring content to life in a truly spectacular fashion.

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Our AI tools transform the way businesses and customers connect and access information, by seamlessly integrating into various environments to offer adaptive assistance, to simplify complex data handling, and to streamline content management.

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The Industry Leader in Experiential  and Visualized Communications

The Industry Leader in Experiential and Visualized Communications

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