The Main Event Is Your Guests

Enhance event operations and guest experiences by implementing omnichannel visual communications at your venue, giving all guests the VIP experience.

Wayfinding signage helps guests navigate the venue more easily, reducing confusion and frustration. Digital signage can provide real-time updates on event schedules, locations, and any changes, ensuring guests stay informed and have a smooth experience.


Real-Time Navigation for Busy Venues

Simplify navigation for event attendees.

  • Show clear directions with 3D maps and step-by-step directions.
  • Mobile Wayfinding allows for maps to be viewed on any mobile device on the go.
  • Schedule routes to navigate area closures due to construction or heightened security protocols.
  • Available AI Assistant can provide guests with natural language assistance in nearly all major languages.
  • Incorporate ADA-compliant accessibility features, such as voice-guided navigation and audio descriptions to assist users with disabilities.

Interactive Concierge: The Extra Help

Improve the visitor experience.

  • Welcome visitors and reduce the strain on onsite staff.
  • Provide live event feeds plus a Google Map widget for nearby points of interest.
  • Highlight facility amenities such as restaurants, spas, gift shops, and other retail stores.
  • Available AI Assistant can provide additional interaction with guests in their native language.

The AI Assistant for Tradeshows

Offer personalized assistance to attendees at all times.

  • Custom-trained to effortlessly guide attendees to booths, speakers, restrooms, and more.
  • Ensure prompt and efficient answers to attendee questions, without intervention from your staff.
  • Help attendees quickly locate booths, meeting and speaker locations, transportation, and more right from their phones.
  • Benefit from dedicated assistance throughout your event to ensure your new assistant runs smoothly. 
  • Gain actionable insights into attendee inquiries, support requests, and chatbot usage to grow and scale your events.

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