Easy Space & Room Booking, Better Visibility

Simplify reservations, automate signage and event calendars, and centralize space and room management data.

Enable employees to quickly reserve a space in advance, reducing conflict and ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need. 

Our CMS software can track desk or room usage patterns and provide insights into which workspaces are being used most frequently, optimizing space usage for more informed decisions.


Space Management Made Simple

Know your workforce and optimize for success with our comprehensive workplace management solutions.

  • Key Platform Integrations
  • Personal Device Deployment
  • Real-Time Room Reservation Scheduling
  • Cloud or Native Deployment
  • Facility-Wide Analytics

Flexible Space Management for Busy Schedules

Streamline and automate space reservations effortlessly through kiosks, room signage, or mobile devices, while administrators monitor space usage, occupancy, and sanitation requirements. 

Simplify space management with seamless booking, calendar scheduling, and automated signage. Gain the flexibility to reserve desks, offices, or meeting spaces from any location via signage, desktop, or mobile devices.

Space & Room Management that Scales

22Miles’ room booking solutions seamlessly integrate with occupancy controls and sensors, giving you visibility into the data you need to scale. Utilizing RFID/badge scanning, auto check-in, and timed cancellation features, our system ensures efficient utilization of resources. 

Welcome employees and visitors to your premises with interactive 3D wayfinding, enabling easy navigation to facilities, colleague locations, meeting rooms, and hot desks.

Instantly view space availability, book rooms, and access turn-by-turn directions from signage to mobile devices through a simple QR code scan, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Improve Visibility with API & Tech Integrations

  • Utilize KPI dashboards, sync room reservations from various calendar systems, and employ tablet solutions. 
  • Enhance communication with virtual receptionists and facilitate huddle room management.
  • Gain insights into workspace utilization with our space booking analytics, empowering informed decision-making.

SkyCenter One Optimized for Hybrid Work with 22Miles’ Enterprise Mobile App

Experience a revolutionary approach to workspace management and room booking with SkyCenter One’s custom enterprise mobile app, developed in collaboration with 22Miles.

Seamlessly integrating advanced technology, the app empowers staff with unprecedented flexibility, whether working in-person or remotely.

Room Booking and Space Management Across Industries

Explore room booking for various industries, from enhancing guest experiences in hotels and hospitality to streamlining operations in hybrid workforces and beyond.

Enhance workplace flexibility and productivity with mobile solutions enabling employees to book meeting rooms, access office maps, and receive real-time updates on company news and events.

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Facilitate wayfinding within large hospital complexes and provide QR code access to patient education resources.

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Streamline operations and empower workers with real-time information, task allocation, and equipment tracking.

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Display real-time flight information, interactive airport maps, and convenient access to transportation options, providing travelers with a seamless journey.

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Offer integrated navigation for retail, dining, and entertainment venues, personalized promotions, and convenient access to services, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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Immersive mobile solutions for 3D wayfinding, augmented reality, and amenity highlights that improve the guest experience.

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Transform campus navigation and enhance student experiences with mobile solutions providing interactive campus maps, real-time shuttle tracking, and personalized event notifications.

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Enhance citizen services and streamline operations with interactive maps and real-time updates on services and events.

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Optimize event experiences and navigation with mobile solutions providing interactive event schedules, dynamic venue maps, and personalized recommendations.

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Drive customer engagement and promote products/services with interactive displays and targeted messaging.

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