Wayfinding in Your Style: Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Personalize your navigation solutions with 3D Wayfinding, Augmented Reality, and Interactive Kiosks

Get people where they need to go without the hassle. 22Miles wayfinding solutions lead the way so you staff can focus on what matters. Plus, our interactive wayfinding solutions make for an unforgettable stroll through your facilities.

You need a wayfinding solution that will grow with you. From in-house 3D mapping to room booking integrations to mobile wayfinding solutions, we streamline the implementation process and make updates simple.


Complex Environments, Simple Wayfinding

Navigating through spaces has never been easier. Our solutions make a seamless wayfinding experience for guests of all backgrounds and abilities.

  • 3D wayfinding
  • ADA compliant
  • Kiosk & mobile wayfinding
  • Turnkey or flexible customizable solutions
  • AI assistant integration
  • Indoor & outdoor wayfinding available
  • Harware-agnostic

AI Assistant for Wayfinding

Maximize customer interaction and efficiency with a responsive chat interface that elevates the visitor experience.

Advanced AI Technology –Employs the sophisticated OpenAI GPT model for natural and intuitive user interactions or the proprietary 22Miles AI model for high volume and secure data handling.

Multilingual Support – Capable of understanding and interacting in numerous languages, natively. It can support, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more.

Accurate Responses– Utilizes a proprietary training process with live data integration for accurate, context-aware answers.

Wayfinding Solutions that Grow with You

As you grow, so should your wayfinding solutions. Our in-house creative team brings your facility maps to life with 3D, interactive, and ADA-compliant maps on digital signs, kiosks, and mobile devices

Need to make changes? We make it simple with an all-in-one digital signage and wayfinding CMS to easily edit maps with pins, labels, roadblocks, room changes, and more. 

When you’re ready to take your navigation solutions to the next level for a better guest experience, our AI Assistant integration and mobile-friendly Waytouch solutions await–ensuring seamless accessibility and personalized guidance every step of your journey.

Flexible Indoor and Outdoor Wayfinding for Your Every Need

Experience intuitive and accessible space navigation with our innovative features combined! 

Streamline route management with advanced scheduling and blocking capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency at every turn. Immerse users in an engaging AR wayfinding adventure, delivering intuitive navigation aid with dynamic overlays. 

Seamlessly sync with AI assistants for tailored guidance and harness the power of Google Maps for expansive outdoor navigation.

ADA Compliance: Ensuring Wayfinding Accessibility for All

We prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in every aspect of our digital signage and wayfinding solutions. 

22Miles ensures our products and services comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template), guaranteeing equal access to information and wayfinding for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

Enhance Your Guest Navigation Experience

We go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the most out of your wayfinding solutions.

  • Wayfinding Analytics – Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and engagement with our comprehensive wayfinding analytics.
  • Floorplan Map Editor in Publisher Pro – Whether it’s rearranging rooms, paths, or entire layouts, our intuitive map editor in Publisher Pro makes modifications a breeze, ensuring your navigation maps stay up-to-date with your evolving space.
  • Diverse Map Styles and Routes – From sleek modern designs to classic templates, our diverse selection ensures your navigation solution aligns perfectly with your brand and environment.
  • Customization Beyond A to B – With extensive customization options, you can highlight key attractions, amenities, or points of interest, creating a truly immersive and personalized experience for your users.
  • Stacked Floor 360 – Seamlessly navigate between stacked floors with our innovative 360-degree view feature, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings.
  • Dynamic Map Pop-Ups – Deliver relevant information, updates, or promotions directly with dynamic map pop-ups, enhancing user experience and maximizing engagement.

Holistic Navigation for Your Industry

Explore how our Wayfinding Solutions empower your industry. From unforgettable campus tours to stress-free tradeshow guest experiences, we make navigation enjoyable.

Enhance workplace flexibility and productivity with mobile solutions enabling employees to book meeting rooms, access office maps, and receive real-time updates on company news and events.

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Facilitate wayfinding within large hospital complexes and provide QR code access to patient education resources.

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Streamline operations and empower workers with real-time information, task allocation, and equipment tracking.

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Display real-time flight information, interactive airport maps, and convenient access to transportation options, providing travelers with a seamless journey.

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Offer integrated navigation for retail, dining, and entertainment venues, personalized promotions, and convenient access to services, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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Immersive mobile solutions for 3D wayfinding, augmented reality, and amenity highlights that improve the guest experience.

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Transform campus navigation and enhance student experiences with mobile solutions providing interactive campus maps, real-time shuttle tracking, and personalized event notifications.

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Enhance citizen services and streamline operations with interactive maps and real-time updates on services and events.

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Optimize event experiences and navigation with mobile solutions providing interactive event schedules, dynamic venue maps, and personalized recommendations.

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Drive customer engagement and promote products/services with interactive displays and targeted messaging.

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