Easy Hospital Navigation with Wayfinding and Mobile Solutions

Enhance the patient experience with solutions that ease navigation, recognize staff and donor contributions, and provide accessible health information on digital screens.

Navigating a hospital can be daunting, especially for patients in need of urgent care. Our comprehensive wayfinding and mobile solutions offer intuitive navigation tools, including interactive maps and mobile applications, ensuring patients can easily find their way around the facility.

With a focus on accessibility and convenience, our solutions streamline the navigation process, reducing stress and improving overall patient satisfaction.


Flexible Wayfinding for Patients On-the-Go

Enhance accessible patient navigation within complex healthcare facilities.

  • Guide patients seamlessly through the facility, reducing confusion and improving the overall navigation experience.
  • Ensure all wayfinding solutions meet ADA accessibility standards, promoting inclusivity within the healthcare environment.
  • Incorporate our AI Assistant for personalized assistance and guidance to patients.
  • Utilize QR codes to enable patients to navigate the facility conveniently with phones while on the go.
  • Enhance engagement with interactive and 3D maps for intuitive navigation.

Recognize Staff Achievements and Donor Contributions with Stunning Video Walls

Acknowledge and honor your doctors, nurses, staff, and donors with our captivating video wall solution.

  • Showcase the generosity of donors, foundations, and healthcare staff members with dynamic and easily updatable digital recognition walls. 
  • Deliver timely appreciation that’s both visually stunning and efficient in conveying gratitude.
  • Elevate the impact of donations by creating a visually striking and immersive experience that impresses and inspires visitors.
  • Share compelling narratives and testimonials that highlight the impact of your staff and donors.

Unified Content Management with a Flexible and Scalable CMS

Efficiently manage multiple departments and locations under one unified system.

  • Seamlessly manage multiple hospitals and departments within a unified CMS platform.
  • Maintain consistent branding across all locations for enhanced brand identity.
  • Simplify content management with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Scale operations effortlessly to accommodate evolving needs and growth.
  • Enjoy flexibility and compatibility with our hardware-agnostic solution.

Scalable Healthcare Solutions

Improved Patient Navigation at Atrium Health

Discover how Atrium Health utilized 22Miles to dramatically enhance patient experiences through interactive wayfinding kiosks.

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