Mobile Solutions: Where Every Space Becomes Accessible

Get higher ROI and more user touchpoints by pushing digital signage and wayfinding content to mobile phones.

Our mobile solutions amplify digital signage and wayfinding experiences with 3D wayfinding, indoor positioning, room booking, and augmented reality integration. 

With our unified CMS, users can easily deploy custom mobile experiences for seamless omnichannel integration, secure mobile control, and multi-lingual support.

Mobile Solutions for Seamless Navigation and Space Management

Whether for its campus wayfinding, office space booking, or venue navigation, 22Miles provides scalable, flexible, and user-friendly solutions tailored accessible right from mobile devices

  • Deliver Content on Any Mobile Platform
  • Unified Content Back End
  • Navigate Any Space
  • Space Reservation Made Simple
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Multi-lingual

Next Level Mobile Wayfinding

Explore unfamiliar environments with ease as Augmented Reality (AR) overlays provide real-time guidance, complete with routing, distance, and time estimates right from your phone. Customize your 3-D wayfinding starting point and receive turn-by-turn directions across multiple floors or buildings. Navigation has never been easier or more fun!

Transforming Navigation at Oral Roberts University with Interactive Wayfinding

Partnering with Oral Roberts University, 22Miles has redefined campus navigation through a mobile-centric approach.

Flexible, Accessible, Unified

Experience seamless interaction and secure control with our Secure Mobile Control (SMC) feature. Simply scan QR codes for contact-free screen interaction, ensuring efficiency, hygiene, and safety in any environment.

Streamline your mapping efforts by using the same map for both kiosks and mobile devices. With 22Miles, you can effortlessly publish updates across all platforms with just a few clicks. Plus, leverage our Indoor Positioning technology to enhance navigation experiences for your users, whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

SkyCenter One Optimized for Hybrid Work with Hybrid Work with 22Miles’ Enterprise Mobile App

SkyCenter One’s custom enterprise mobile app empowers staff with unprecedented communication and room booking flexibility, whether working in-person or remotely. 

Versatile Applications: Mobile Solutions Across Industries

Explore how digital signage transforms various industries, from enhancing guest experiences in hotels and hospitality to streamlining operations in manufacturing and beyond.

Enhance workplace flexibility and productivity with mobile solutions enabling employees to book meeting rooms, access office maps, and receive real-time updates on company news and events.

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Facilitate wayfinding within large hospital complexes and provide QR code access to patient education resources.

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Streamline operations and empower workers with real-time information, task allocation, and equipment tracking.

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Display real-time flight information, interactive airport maps, and convenient access to transportation options, providing travelers with a seamless journey.

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Offer integrated navigation for retail, dining, and entertainment venues, personalized promotions, and convenient access to services, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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Immersive mobile solutions for 3D wayfinding, augmented reality, and amenity highlights that improve the guest experience.

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Transform campus navigation and enhance student experiences with mobile solutions providing interactive campus maps, real-time shuttle tracking, and personalized event notifications.

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Enhance citizen services and streamline operations with interactive maps and real-time updates on services and events.

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Optimize event experiences and navigation with mobile solutions providing interactive event schedules, dynamic venue maps, and personalized recommendations.

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Drive customer engagement and promote products/services with interactive displays and targeted messaging.

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