Enhancing Guest Experience with Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Elevate your guest experience with targeted messaging, drive sales with highlighted amenities, and rest assured your hotel’s content is always accurate.

Whether you manage a hotel chain with multiple properties and hundreds of screens across various locations, or a boutique hotel with a handful of screens, our digital signage solutions adapt and scale.

With a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, we ensure that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your operations because content has to be up-to-date and accurate. . 

Four Seasons

Easy Integrations for Accurate Content Displays

Ensure your digital signage displays accurate content with our intuitive CMS.

  • Integrate event schedules from Delphi, Tripleseat, Momentus, Opera, and more.
  • Display content on a single screen or multiple screens without pre-grouping.
  • Simplified content management with one hardware-agnostic CMS.
  • Maintain brand consistency with drag-and-drop, brand-compliant templates.

Impress Guests with Digital Signage and Interactive Experiences

Improve guest experiences with on-target messaging and service. 

  • Ease hotel navigation with wayfinding for guests to easily locate amenities, ballrooms, conference rooms, and more.
  • Promote brand loyalty with brand-compliant templates and targeted messaging.
  • Highlight amenities and on-site dining to boost sales.
  • Personalize guest experiences with interactive concierge kiosks, Carry2Mobile, our AI Assistant.

Proactive and Reliable Tech Support

Our reliable software solutions and support team keep your digital signage running smoothly.

  • Rest assured with reliable digital signage CMS software that just works.
  • Minimize downtime and stay up-to-date with our responsive tech support team.
  • Migrate seamlessly to 22Miles with our hardware-agnostic software.
  • Effortlessly integrate APIs to maximize efficiency.

Scalable Hotel Solutions

Back of House
Improve operational efficiency and staff communication by providing a centralized platform for internal communication, task assignments, and updates relevant to back-of-house operations.

A Complete Content Management System Implementation with Resort Signage and Interactive Wayfinding

To support more than 633 screens in their facilities and deliver on their “Stay, play, dine, relax” experiences via resort signage quickly and seamlessly, 22Miles offered the casino resort a dynamic digital transformation that would allow them to better manage, control, and disseminate information, navigation, and media.

Let's Collaborate

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