Customer Engagement with a Competitive Edge

Create unforgettable experiences with immersive interactive digital signage. 22Miles makes it easy to design and deploy amazing experiences to explore products and discover your brand story.

From local stores to big-box anchor shopping malls to family-owned businesses, 22Miles is ready to help you scale a visual communications solution that drives sales, promotes trust, and inspires loyalty.


In Retail Branding Is Everything

Stand out from your competitors.

  • Create a memorable impression, and attract customers through digital storytelling.
  • Beyond improving visibility and developing recognition, it’s about building loyalty and enhanced value perception.
  • Give your signage a fresh, brand-compliant look throughout every location with a simple content management backend.
  • Instantly update new promotions and campaigns with built-in interactivity features for maximum engagement.

Interactive 3D Wayfinding


Simplify navigation for customers.

  • Efficiently guide customers with interactive 3D wayfinding to any retail destination
  • Display stacked multi-floor map designs, building overviews, ‘Go This Way’ arrows, including distance and estimated travel time 
  • Available AI Assistant can provide guests natural language assistance in nearly all major languages
  • Incorporate ADA-compliant accessibility features, such as voice-guided navigation and audio descriptions to assist users with disabilities

The AI Assistant for Products

Personalize your customer service efforts.

  • Revolutionize your sales engagement by delivering intelligent responses and full-fledged customer conversations
  • Custom-trained to expertly guide shoppers in making a selection of various products.
  • Swiftly address sales queries that capitalize on your customer’s readiness to buy with an immediate checkout function.
  • Ensure prompt and efficient answers to shopper’s questions, without intervention from your staff
  • Gain actionable insights into customer and shopper’s journey with logged nquiries, support requests, and chatbot usage

Unlock Mobility: Carry2Mobile™ Brings Content to Your Fingertips

Empower your audiences with a seamless way to experience content on their mobile phones, no app download required.

With Carry2Mobile technology, display owners enjoy enhanced signage usability, while end users benefit from the flexibility to consume content on the go. Seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device with Carry2Mobile.

Scalable Retail & Banking Solutions

3D Wayfinding with Touchless Digital Wayfinding Signage Interaction Create Optimal User Experience in Hawaii’s Premiere Shopping Destination

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