Improve the Employee Engagement with with Manufacturing Digital Signage

Empower your workforce with real-time information and consistent communication to foster a safer and more productive manufacturing environment.

We recognize the multifaceted needs of in-facility messaging, from disseminating safety content to broadcasting crucial news and announcements across various shifts and locations. That’s why the versatility and scalability of our digital signage software is indispensable.


Flexible Solution for Multisite Deployment

Experience the benefits of digital signage sooner with 22Miles.

  • Integrate and leverage digital signage at a single site or with comprehensive enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Manage all screens under our one hardware agnostic CMS.
  • Keep your data secure with an on-prem solution or private cloud access.
  • Ensure digital signage efficiency with our proactive tech support team.
  • Scale your tailored solutions to meet your manufacturing and warehouse operations.

Engage All Your Employees

Enhance your frontline connection with digital signage.

  • Facilitate consistent communication to a mix of employees from frontline to front office.
  • Celebrate employee milestones with personalized messages for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and awards.
  • Display stunning video walls to captivate attention and enhance visual impact.
  • Enable two-way communication with feedback interactions.
  • Maintain data visibility with real-time KPI dashboards
  • Keep employees up-to-date with API integrations for news, weather, and finance feeds.

Simplify Content Management

Simplify your content management process with our intuitive digital signage CMS

  • Utilize versatile content types from videos to PDFs to multiple image formats and more.
  • Ease training and onboarding for employees of all skill levels with our user-friendly interface.
  • Easily manage and control content anytime, anywhere.
  • Unify your content strategy with targeted messaging for local or global groups and hierarchy controls.

Promote Safe Operating Environments

Provide better visibility to prevent safety hazards and risks with digital signage. 

  • Promote safety practices and ensure operational procedures are being followed with digital signage.
  • Alert staff about safety hazards and emergencies with integrated emergency alerts.
  • Keep staff informed with real-time shift updates and announcements.

Scalable Manufacturing Solutions

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