AI Command

Main Functions

Editing command added to Template AI – Change logo and template background color.
Reset license or migrate license – Ability to reset license of a media player within a network.
Deploy a device – Deploy a new device within your network
Add a new user – Create a new user as an administrator.
Reset user password – Reset password for a select user as an administrator.


Increased Efficiency – Edit content and manage your CMS more quickly and effortlessly.
Enhanced Precision – Reduce errors with AI-driven commands ensuring accuracy in content updates.
Timesaving – Spend less time on content management and more on strategic decision-making.
Future Ready – Stay ahead with upcoming enhancements that continually improve your CMS.

AI Command


AI Command is now accessible through 22Miles’s Content Manager in the version 7.5 platform. AI Command represents the latest evolution in AI-driven functionality within Content Management, building upon the introduction of Template AI in the previous release.

AI Command enhances and simplifies content management by elevating it to new levels of efficiency and control. Learn more, by contacting us, about the future of content management with AI Command and experience a seamless, empowered, and innovative approach to managing your digital content.