Digital Building Directories

The 22MILES’ template/directory designer provides a comprehensive toolbox of media inserts to manage and communicate any property’s design and unique branding styles. We have added widgets; Photoshop and HTML type visual filters that can easily be associated through built-in drop downs. Never requiring code or programming, everything is meant for a daily user’s simple enjoyment, and quick Management. Easily able to insert any data sources and add field values to always have directories specific to the properties and users’ needs and visual expression.

Improve Your Guest Experience

  • Display logos and business names and corresponding suite numbers
  • Show floor plans and provide turn-by-turn wayfinding
  • Modernize your building
  • Free up your employees to be more efficient

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Break room/lounge displays

Our Digital Directory Features

  • Display weather & live traffic information.
  • Include your social media feeds.
  • Support interactive touch screen.
  • Provide turn-by-turn wayfinding.
  • Integrate with any API.
  • Give Uber & Lyft information.
  • Dynamically sync to your current Office 365 calendar or Google Suite.

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Digital Sign Ready

Need Ready Made Templates Fast?

DSR by 22Miles


Digital Sign Ready by 22Miles, is a turn-key results-driven solution customizable interface with 100s of template options. DSR provides you with a simple process of selecting your template, quickly getting any creative assistance you need, and then deploying to any player or display.

DSR gives you instant access to a suite of our most popular, ready-made digital signage templates and visual communications solutions.

DSR is ideal for organizations across markets including corporate and office, healthcare, hospitality, retail, airport, large venues, government, and more.


  • Pick and click through digital signage, interactive and wayfinding ready-made solutions
  • DSR’s white glove services helps you along the way to get your projects up and running quickly
  • Available through major distribution partners


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Flexibility in Hardware

  • Choose from our cloudhosted or on-site solution. Cloudhosted solutions allow you to easily update & manage your digital directories remotely from any computer. For on-site solutions, you can easily update your content with a USB drive.
  • Run your digital directories on any operating system, from Android, Samsung Tizen, BrightSign, LG webOS, Windows, and more.
  • Our software supports any screen size and resolution that you need.

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alvarado medical plaza digital signage directory

A Simple Yet Intuitive Design Studio

Use our digital signage design software, Publisher Pro, to:

  • Make adjustments to pre-made templates, or design from a blank canvas.
  • Drag-and-drop widgets on a WYSIWYG user interface.
  • Design multiple projects and signs.
  • Create wireframes for multi-screen video walls and uncommon aspect ratios.

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Attract & Inform Your Tenants

  • Impress Your Tenants with a Modernized Space
  • Display tenant information to make navigation easier for their visitors
  • Use logos to improve your tenant’s brand
  • Create ad space to promote your tenants

Learn How to Attract and Retain Tenants

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