Corporate Digital Signage

Organizations today have a dozen things to communicate to their staff and not enough time in the day to provide those messages. With the 22 Miles, Publisher Pro, CMS you will be able to dynamically and efficiently deliver all that information in a visually appealing format. Be able to provide staff with communication information on new company procedures, welcome in staff, safety and news alerts, and even recognize great employees. All of these features can be drag and dropped with multi-window layouts, and automated with back-end management solutions. Best part it provides a strong medium for all your organizations employees to really retain and enjoy your message.

Solution and Application examples Include:

Communication Displays

Digitally create a visually appealing communication application that stimulates additional organizational success.

  • Attract your staff with day to day updated announcements by using animation, video, or plain text to get your message across.
  • Drive up safety regulations, new alerts, RSS tickers, and even web site driven information to any digital communication display.
  • Seamlessly promote “GO GREEN”, or start a new fundraiser, or corporate event through your digital displays with any media format, videos, or other easily updated and dragged-in content.
Communication Displays
HR and Employee Recognition Displays

HR and Employee Recognition Displays

Celebrate successes and empower employees with a digital communication solution.

  • Provide bios, years of service, employee of the month, and other recognition applications into your digital solution.
  • Integrate back-end data sources to automate birthdays, anniversaries and other employee accomplishments.
  • Visually create a happy corporate environment that promotes further organizational success.

Company Stats and Graphs

  • Use the 22MILES powerful built-in widgets to easily automate the data collection process of any organizations metric systems.
  • Stats are essential to keep the organization on track and engage with your staff. Include daily graphs in a very visual onscreen animated experience.
  • Increase performance, decrease clutter with digital signage and video wall screens across the facility to show manufacturing data, on-time delivery, sales growth, and safe-no-injury reports.